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Sep 14, 2020

* This post is kindly sponsored by Comfyrider, but all opinions are my own. *

Like many events, the coronavirus outbreak resulted in Naidex 2020 being rescheduled to September 15th and 16th 2021. During which time, we will be hosting the very first AYL Treasure Hunt together with 10 other trusted exhibitors. Allowing us to provide attendees with the opportunity to discover stands they otherwise might not have known about, such as our sixth exhibitor - Comfyrider!

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Comfyrider is a new innovative product designed to provide additional leg support for people who use mobility scooters. It was initially created in South Wales by Steyne Manufacturing Ltd and clips onto a wide range of flat-floored mobility scooters, with the ability to accommodate a wide range of scooter depths and widths. Providing an instant solution that helps ease pain, reduces discomfort and relieves circulation problems by elevating the legs. The product has two U shaped padded cushions that support your legs, meaning your knee is held in a slightly flexed position to promote healthy circulation and joint comfort.

A royal blue four-wheeled mobility scooter with two matching Comfyrider leg rests.
A black and white mobility scooter with one black Comfyrider leg rest supporting the users amputated leg.
A metallic blue four wheeled mobility scooter with two light blue Comfyrider leg rests.

Even though the product is designed to enable users to rest one or both calves on the pads, they still have plenty of space to also ride with their feet down. It’s available in a choice of three colours (black, red or blue) and is made of lightweight aluminium combined with a high-quality seat pad. Comfyrider offers a great alternative for mobility scooter users who find themselves resting their feet on the front wheel housings of their scooter in order to ride comfortably, as this product provides a much more natural and appropriate place to rest your legs.

A red four wheeled mobility scooter with two matching Comfyrider leg rests.
A matt red four-wheeled mobility scooter with two matching Comfyrider leg rests.
A red four-wheeled mobility scooter with two matching Comfyrider leg rests.

At AYL we are committed to sharing unbiased information on the best products and services for people with disabilities, so it is an honour to be partnering with Comfyrider for the 2021 Naidex Treasure Hunt! For more information on this unique mobility scooter attachment, including customer reviews - simply check out the links below! Finally, for anyone looking to purchase this product, you can receive an exclusive £10 discount by quoting the following code when ordering!

*** Comfyrider Discount Code - AYL10 ***

For information on how to take part in this exclusive event where you could win one of three incredible prizes, please follow us on social media. You can also CLICK HERE to learn more about the other participating exhibitors.

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