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Jul 27, 2020

(This is a sponsored post by Disability Sports Channel, but all opinions are based on my personal views.)

Like many events, Naidex 2020 (originally due to take place in March) was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Hopefully, the event can go ahead in November despite the new distancing rules and regulations; but until then, we wanted to share a new blog post every week with information on the AYL Treasure Hunt!

For those of you that don’t know, we are running an exclusive Treasure Hunt at Naidex, which involves working with 16 trusted exhibitors to ensure attendees have a chance to discover and visit stands they otherwise might not have known about. Now you will have to wait until nearer the time to learn how you can take part, but for now, I am proud to introduce the second exhibitor - Disability Sports Channel!

AYL Treasure Hunt

Disability Sports Channel (DSC) is a nonprofit organisation designed to close the gap in disability sports media. The organisation was founded by a group of athletes who understand that to inspire the next generation of para-athletes, there needs to be equal representation in the media. Their mission is to establish a foundation of self-improvement, achievements, and positive lifestyle changes; as well as to lead, inspire and empower service users who may otherwise feel less compelled to pursue parasports. All of which, can be achieved by celebrating and publicising parasport events happening throughout the year that don’t receive much, if any coverage in mainstream media.

DSC regularly promotes parasport content on social media, along with fun interactive events such as quizzes, wheelchair fitness sessions and parasport talks; allowing a community of like-minded people with an interest in diverse sports media come together. Everything is accessible on-the-go, as long as you have access to wifi or data!

At AYL we understand that there is a significant lack of disability representation in the media, especially in the mainstream! However times are changing, and with it comes the opportunity for people living with disabilities to be introduced to a more diverse, and accessible form of representation; which has shown to be greatly beneficial. A recent survey by the British Wheelchair Basketball Association showed that 78% of members said that partaking in the sport had a positive impact on their mental health - and with the help of organisations like DSC, they are provided with a platform to express their passion for sports!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the other participating exhibitors and follow us on social media for regular updates regarding the event!

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