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Aug 03, 2020

* This post is kindly sponsored by Loopwheels, but all opinions are my own. *

Like many events, the coronavirus outbreak resulted in Naidex 2020 being rescheduled to September 15th and 16th 2021. During which time, we will be hosting the very first AYL Treasure Hunt together with 10 other trusted exhibitors. Allowing us to provide attendees with the opportunity to discover stands they otherwise might not have known about, such as our third exhibitor - Loopwheels!

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Loopwheels specialise in the design and production of wheelchair wheels with integrated suspension. Instead of using standard spokes, the 3 loops create a self-correcting system. Meanwhile, the spring system between the hub and the rim of the wheel is constantly adjusting to uneven surfaces, cushioning the user from bumps and reducing vibrations by 70%. In simple terms - the wheel hub floats within the rim so that it can constantly adjust as shocks from an uneven surface hit the rim of the wheel. Other benefits include:

● Increased Comfort

● Creates Smoother Ride

●  Reduces Pain & Fatigue

●  Ability To Go Further & Faster

● Softens Impact When Bumping Down Kerbs & Other Drops

Black Loopwheels attached to a silver manual wheelchair. You can only see the users hand on one of the black push rims, as the wheels roll down a kerb.
Loopwheels carbon fibre wheelchair wheels at their manufacturing facilities in Boughton.
Red Loopwheels attached to a black manual wheelchair with a red powered trike attachment. The user is driving his wheelchair up a steep BMX ramp.
A close up image of Loopwheels carbon fibre wheelchair wheels at their manufacturing facilities in Boughton.

The product range includes a standard model, which comes in a variety of colour options to suit your personal preferences; the new urban model, which delivers the same qualities through an even lighter design; and the extreme model, which have a mountain bike tyre tire making them suitable for off-road use. If you are unsure which model best suits your individual needs, or perhaps you can't decide whether you would benefit from using Loopwheels - the company offer a ‘try before you buy’ scheme which allows you to test the effectiveness of the product for yourself over a 14 day period before committing to a purchase!

A trio of Loopwheels showing the various colour options available, including black carbon fibre and multicoloured classics.

With every wheel being made in Britain, Loopwheels is a proud manufacturer of world-class innovations in wheel technology. Because of this, the company has been nominated for several awards, including placing as a finalist in the ISPO BRANDNEW business awards 2014/15, and as a finalist in the Nottinghamshire Best Business Awards 2013!

At AYL we are committed to sharing unbiased information on the best products and services for people with disabilities, so it is an honour to be partnering with Loopwheels for the 2021 Naidex Treasure Hunt! For more information on the engineering behind the wheel, choosing the right model, and trialling them at home - simply check out the links below!

For information on how to take part in this exclusive event where you could win one of three incredible prizes, please follow us on social media. You can also CLICK HERE to learn more about the other participating exhibitors.

Lauren is sitting in a bright pink wheelchair with purple Loopwheels, whilst pointing at her pink "Girl Power" t-shirt and smiling directly at the camera.
Black Loopwheels attached to a stationary gold manual wheelchair. You can only see the users legs which are wrapped in a multicoloured blanket.
Purple Loopwheels attached to a pink manual wheelchair. You can only see the users hand on one of the black push rims, as the wheels glide over an uneven bridge.
Lori is sitting in a gold wheelchair with black Loopwheels, whilst using a navy blanket to keep warm and smiling directly at the camera.

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