SOLD - SmartDrive MX1+ Wheelchair Powered Attachment (Item 6001)

Item Name:
Smartdrive MX1+

Type of Attachment or Accessory: 

Weight kg:
7-8 kg including battery

How long does the battery last?: Depending on terrain and user weight~7-10km.

What would you rate this Attachment:

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Please explain how you attach/remove the item from your wheelchair:
Hold smartdrive horizontal and align bracket and clamp. Let the unit slide onto the bracket and wheel go to the floor. Attach battery wire to smartdrive unit and you're ready to go!

Selling Price:

Is the selling price negotiable?:
Open To Offers

Tell us a little about your item and what it looks like:
Smartdrive MX1+ is a power assist unit, which clamps on the wheelchair axle with a battery that then slides onto the seat sling. It fits in a shoe box and is easy to remove/attach to the chair. The MX1+ has two modes: indoor and outdoor. In both modes the motor starts with a push on the rims to achieve the desired speed. In the indoor mode you can brake using the rims or the button; but when in outdoor mode you can only brake using the buttons to make sure you don't stop for little bumps and resistances.

Seller: Lieke

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