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FreshWipes – Body Wipes

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Item Description:
FreshWipes are extra-large, antibacterial, rinse-free body wipes that are designed to clean your body whenever you can’t shower or take a bath.

Source Of Item:

* This item was kindly gifted by FreshWipes in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. *

Personal Opinion:
I sometimes struggle to shower as much as I would like, so I have been looking for alternatives to help me stay clean and feel fresh.

These wipes are large and wet enough to easily clean your whole body in one go which is very different from the small, cheap wet wipes I’ve previously used. They are significantly thicker than a standard wipe meaning they don’t rip, whilst also being sturdy enough so that you can actually get a good clean without them disintegrating.

These wipes come in 3 scent options – grapefruit, coconut and unscented – the coconut was by far my favourite! The scents are subtle and not overpowering, yet they still offer a nice sensory experience without being overwhelming or lingering on your skin unpleasantly all day. They are antibacterial, meaning they help combat body odour the same way soap and water do, by neutralising the bacteria on our skin that produce unpleasant gases.

The wipes are even biodegradable which is sadly not a feature of all wet wipes. They are plastic-free and made from plant-based cellulose so can be placed in your compost bin. They are also vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

Packaging & Delivery:
The packaging is made from fully recycled materials. Opening it was a little stiff and might be tricky for those with dexterity issues, but I’ve heard that the company is working to make this easier while still ensuring the wipes remain fresh.

Using The Item:
I found using the wipes to be a refreshing experience that left me feeling clean. They don’t leave a sticky residue on your skin like some other wipes do. Additionally, they manage to get a good clean without stinging your skin or feeling like you have to scrub too hard. I was worried they might not be able to remove the previous day’s deodorant leading to it building up over time and causing irritation, but I had absolutely no problems with this, and the wipes removed the old deodorant perfectly.

Overall, these wipes aren’t the same as having a shower, but I’m not sure any wipe ever will be, and the FreshWipes are by far the best I have tried. They are about the same as having a wash in the sink with a flannel but require much less effort. They are perfect for those days when a shower is out of the question and if you use wet wipes, I highly recommend giving the FreshWipes a go.

Whether you struggle to wash independently or are caring for a disabled/elderly loved one, FreshWipes are a great way to help maintain dignity and ensure cleanliness.

I particularly like that they also come in a mini size, which are perfect for cleaning your hands, so I have them stored on my wheelchair for those occasions when I manage to roll through something unpleasant and need to clean my hands asap. FreshWipes also have a rinse free Shower Cap, which you can learn more about in my review.




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