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FreshWipes – Shower Cap

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Item Description:
A single-use, rinse-free shampoo cap that is designed to freshen up your hair when you can’t shower or bath for any reason.

Source of Item:

* This item was kindly gifted by FreshWipes in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. *

Personal Opinion:
I sometimes struggle to wash my hair as often as I wish, so I was keen to explore alternative ways to keep my hair clean. I know this product is very popular and has many 5 star reviews on the FreshWipes website so I was really intrigued!

The shampoo cap is designed to remove odour, dead skin, and grease, so it leaves your hair feeling fresh. It can be used on most hair lengths and is dermatologically tested to be kind to both your skin and scalp.

The shampoo cap can be used cold (as it comes) or warmed (using a microwave for 20 seconds). It is filled with a no-rinse shampoo that you put on your head and then massage into your scalp for three minutes.

The liquid encompassed inside the cap contains Pro Vitamin B5 to soften and nourish hair, allowing it to cleanse and condition your hair without using water or soap. To get the best results, you need to thoroughly towel dry your hair to remove any excess product and dirt. After that, you simply brush out your hair as normal and style.

Packaging & Delivery:
The shampoo cap arrived quickly and was well packaged for posting. The package itself was easy to open and had clear instructions on the outside.

Using The Item:
Using the shampoo cap for the first time was a strange experience as I had never used a product like it before. The instructions were easy to follow, and the product was predominantly easy to use, though I managed to spill quite a lot of the liquid while getting the cap on my head. I had a towel around my shoulders, and it was definitely needed. So, if you were doing this in bed, I would recommend covering the sheets with several towels to ensure they don’t get wet, at least the first few times until you got the knack as I can imagine it gets easier to use each time. The instructions say that you can put the cap in the microwave to warm it a little, but I didn’t feel that this was needed for me. As room temperature meant the cap was pleasantly cool rather than the icy equivalent of a cold shower.

The instructions say that you can put the cap in the microwave to warm it a little, but I didn’t feel that this was needed for me. As room temperature meant the cap was pleasantly cool rather than the icy equivalent of a cold shower.

You need to massage the cap for three minutes while it is on your head, then thoroughly towel dry your hair afterwards to help remove impurities and excess product. I found both of these steps quite strenuous on my shoulders. One of the reasons I was interested in this product initially, was because I can struggle to keep my arms above my head long enough to wash my hair and comb it out afterwards, so I hoped the shampoo cap would reduce the effort involved. While it is less effort on your body as a whole compared to a shower, I found it required more arm movement than my normal hair washing routine, so I would perhaps ask someone to assist me in the future. Additionally, I found that combing my hair out afterwards was more effort than after a shower, as massaging my hair for three minutes and then towel drying it made it much knottier than usual. But again, this may be easier with support. Plus, I hadn’t used a separate conditioner to try and combat this as I would in my typical shower routine, so maybe using a conditioner spray before brushing would help.

The shampoo cap did an ok job of cleaning my hair, but it didn’t quite compare to a shower. However, I understand it is not designed to be as good, but more so remove odour and leave your hair feeling fresh afterwards. My hair felt a little sticky afterwards and still looked a little greasy and weighed down. But it was better than before and would certainly help me feel refreshed on days when washing my hair in the shower is not an option. Hopefully, with help I would feel even fresher!

Overall, I was a little disappointed in the shampoo cap, especially after using the brilliant FreshWipes Body Wipes, which you can learn more about in my other review. Although this is purely due to the sheer amount of shoulder movement and effort required. So, I personally will be sticking to using dry shampoo and a headscarf when washing my hair is too much, as I cannot get the greatest results from this product without assistance. However, it might be a good option for those whose main barrier to washing their hair in the shower is not shoulder issues.

Alternatively, if mobility is a concern, I suggest asking someone to assist to ensure you get the best results. It could be a good tool for those who struggle to get in or out of the shower, or those caring for a disabled/elderly loved one. It would also be ideal for anyone unable to shower whilst in hospital, or those travelling without easy access to showers.




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