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HandiCup – Wheelchair Accessory

(Based on the users needs, lifestyle and preferences.)

Item Description:
The HandiCup is a generously sized cup holder with cut-outs to allow for handles on drinks (such as mugs); it also has an insert plate which can be placed into the HandiCup to better accommodate shorter or narrower drinks. It also has a long piece of flat plastic extending out from one side, parallel to the top of the cup holder, which when placed between a wheelchair user’s seat cushion and the sling or base of their wheelchair, provides a stable and secure hold to ensure your drinks remains secured and steady as you move around in your chair.

Source of Item:

* This item was kindly gifted by HandiCup in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. *

Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS), Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS), Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH), Migraine, Chronic Urticaria & Autism

Personal Opinion:
I’ve been a powerchair user for several years and have always been on the lookout for a cup holder that would work with my chair as, unlike most manual chairs, my chair has no narrow round tubing, meaning I couldn’t use most cup holders marketed for wheelchair users.  Just as I was beginning to give up, having returned to my search every few months, I discovered the HandiCup that has such a universal design it will work with any wheelchair with a removable seat cushion!

Packaging & Delivery:
The HandiCup comes in a clear plastic display cover with a cardboard insert which shows a brief diagram of how to fit it to your chair (it’s that easy) and the story of Chris who created the HandiCup after becoming a wheelchair user himself and realising there was nothing on the market that would securely hold a drink when he was out in his powerchair. The packaging is relatively easy to open as it is not stapled or taped shut, you just separate the two parts at the top, allowing the front part folds down so you can pull the product straight out of the back half of the packaging. This also gives you access to the cardboard insert if you wish to take a closer look at Chris’ story and the installation instructions on the back.

Installing the HandiCup onto your wheelchair, whether it’s a manual or powerchair is very straightforward; if either the seat of your wheelchair is flexible or your seat cushion is soft on both sides then you should be able to simply place the long ‘handle’ of the HandiCup between your seat and your seat cushion, so when you’re sitting on your chair it will be securely held in place. If, like myself, your seat base is solid and your cushion base is also hard plastic, then I found that simply adding some Velcro to the top of the handle that is the opposite to that on the base of my seat cushion worked perfectly and has prevented my HandiCup from moved since the day it was installed.

Using The Item:
I use my HandiCup every time I use my wheelchair, although sometimes it takes me a moment to remember it’s there as I was without it for so long! It’s finally solved the tea and cake and move dilemma, as now I have somewhere to safely put my tea down so I can move around and have cake! But most importantly, it enables me to carry an open can or bottle of drink around with me constantly, which is essential for me as many of my medications make my mouth very dry so I’m constantly sipping all day. The other bonus is the way shape of the HandiCup, which means that it will take pretty much any cup you need to put in it, as you will see from my photographs, I tried a whole range of cups in the holder and with the extra plate that can be dropped in to make the holder a few cm shorter it is a fairly universal fit.

Having been searching for a cup holder for my powerchair for almost four years, the HandiCup is the first I have come across that doesn’t require a round frame to fix onto. It’s extremely versatile in steadily supporting a wide range of cups, cans, etc. and has significantly impacted my quality of life when I’m out and about in my chair. It might not sound like much, but being able to pick up a drink and have a sip whenever you need to, without having to twist and wrestle with a rucksack on the side of your chair or stop moving, pull off the pavement, hunt out a drink to take a sip and put it away again, is a huge step forward and makes a significant impact on my days when out in my chair.




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