RGK Frontwheel

(Based on the users needs, lifestyle and preferences.)

Item Description

Black wheel with a black frame that clips onto my manual wheelchair.

Battery Life: N/A

Source of Item:  RGK

Diagnosis: —-

Personal Opinion

This is a single wheel that clips onto the front of my wheelchair, preventing your small front castors from catching on the floor. I previously had a standard Freewheel but upgraded to the RGK version. This is because this wheel doesn’t lift your castors off the floor, regardless of the direction. Making the ride even smoother and creating a smaller turning circle.

This attachment is great on bouncy terrains, but also on normal pavements as it stops you from getting caught on little pavement imperfections. Combined with the Smartdrive, these attachments allow me to go over (dry) grass easily. It is also supposed to work in snow, but I haven’t had that experience yet.

To attach the wheelchair, you clamp two brackets to the frame of your chair and put the third clamp underneath the footrest. This causes the Freewheel to push down and lock it into place. Then to remove it, you simply lift the wheel and unclip it! It takes seconds; but the two brackets need to stay on your wheelchair frame, as they are a little trickier to attach. However, they don’t get in the way when you are not using the Freewheel!