Raindek – Wheelchair Parka

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Item Description:
Black waterproof wheelchair parka for the legs that will also keep your cushion dry.

Source of Item:
Gifted From Kinetic Balance

(I received this item in exchange for a review, but this isn’t a sponsored post so all opinions are my own!)

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Personal Opinion:
Last autumn I was given the opportunity to try out a Long Raindek from Kinetic Balance in exchange for a review. I was instantly intrigued, as this product line is designed to keep your legs dry and warm in a stylish way. And because I have a condition called Dysautonomia, my Autonomic Nervous System does not regulate itself, meaning I’m either way too hot or freezing cold. I also get really bad muscle spasms in the chilly weather, so I am always looking for ways to make outings more manageable in the winter months! Because of this, I decided to thoroughly test my Raindek throughout the winter months before concluding my thoughts!

Now the first thing I noticed when ordering the product was the fact Kinetic Balance offers a wide range of sizes, styles and colour. Meaning you have the option to meet both your physical needs and personal preferences, something you rarely see when buying wheelchair garments. However, I highly recommend following their sizing guide, as the products are designed to be a snug fit. I am 5”7 and have super long legs, but the Long Medium Raindek fitted both myself and my wheelchair perfectly; leaving me warm, dry and comfortable in most weathers conditions!

It is so easy to put on and take off, as you don’t have to get out of your chair to do so. I also find it incredibly easy to independently attach, even with limited dexterity. Although there are a couple of strong plastic side release buckles that are designed to tighten/loosen the Raindek, around your ankles, underneath your knees and around the waist; but you could very easily attach something easier to the straps if needed. There is also a zip down the side of the cover, which runs from your ankles to the back of your knees and there is a clever little pull ring on each of the zips to make it easier to use! Something I really appreciated once my hands seized up on a freezing cold beach in January! It’s also worth noting that there are zips on both sides to ensure users can use their strongest side! However, it is also super easy for a carer to step in, as none of the fastenings is hard to reach! Finally, there is a gripped seam around your ankles to stop the cover from moving, along with a toggled drawstring to help seal the Raindek around your waist.

I can honestly say that to most people, the overall design, product shape and inclusive features might not sound like much, but they honestly make SUCH a difference! As a manual wheelchair user, I often find it difficult to warm the backs of my legs, yet the Raindek wraps around your lower legs without preventing you from being able to move/stretch your legs, which is particularly useful for people with muscle spasms and poor circulation. There is a large pocket on the lower part of the Raindek, which is surprisingly super useful! You can also fit the blanket underneath if needed, without compromising the snug design. Although the Long Raindek is honestly like wearing a thermal duvet over your legs that also happens to be light in weight, so I rarely need anything else! Then for those days where you want to take it with you, simply roll it up and use one of the buckles to hold it together!

It is for these reasons that I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a wheelchair cover that is waterproof, easy to use, extremely versatile, convenient to transport and machine washable. It is more expensive than some of the other wheelchair cosy’s I have tried, but I am yet to find anything that matches this high-quality design, making it a worthwhile purchase. Best of all, it can be used in conjunction with most manual wheelchairs, powerchairs and mobility scooters!




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