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Product Information
Selling Price: £950,00
Reason for Selling: No Longer being used.
About the Item:

Folding silver electric wheelchair, which is easy to use. It has only been used 5 times, so it is almost brand new. Suitable for hard ground and can be used in light rain. It comes with an auto chair lift to make it easier to get in and out of your vehicle; all of which was attached to a Jaguar F-Pace, but it may be possible to fit on another vehicle by getting in touch with!

Width Widest Point: 590mm
Length: 960mm
Height: 920mm
Backrest Height: 45cm Above cushion
Seat Width: 460mm
Weight (kg): 23kg

Additional Specifications:
Maximum Speed - 4.5 mph
Battery Endurance - 18 miles
Maximum Hill Climb - 15 degrees

Originally From:
Lith-Tech Mobility - 19.11.201

Contact Information
Sellers name: William Schilling


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