Trekinetic GTE MK1 (Item 2001)

The Trekinetic GTE i
The Trekinetic GTE i
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Product Information
Selling Price: £5 000,00
Reason for Selling: Unfortunately my circumstances have changed.
About the Item:

The Trekinetic GTE is the first off roading, all terrain powered wheelchair that will fit inside the boot of most cars. It's great on snow, sand or anywhere you want to go really! It has three wheels, two large wheels at the front and one smaller wheel (for steering) at the back. There are no small front castors. The outside of the seat is white with a black interior. It's very smart and attracts a lot of attention. The chair is in great condition and still works perfectly.

Disability or Medical Condition: Left above knee amputee


Width Widest Point: 73cms
Length: 100cms
Height: 80cms
Backrest Height: 48cms
Seating: XL Trekenetic Seat (48cm/19”)
Weight (kg):
36kg (without wheels)

Originally From:
Beyond The Boundry Wheelchairs

Additional Information From Beyond The Boundary’s Website:

“Beyond the Boundary Wheelchairs are distributors of the life changing, stylish & versatile Trekinetic Wheelchairs. The powered models can comfortably tackle cobblestones, forest tracks, uneven pavements, snow & sand! Many of the components on the Trekinetic are designed to quickly and easily detach, without the need for any tools. The quick release makes the wheels simple to remove, the centre tub folds, and the footplate retracts, making the chair light enough to be lifted and put into practically any car, boat, taxi, or plane. Meaning you can take the chair anywhere, without having to worry about how it will handle different surfaces. It also has an incredible turning circle, so you can even use it indoors!”

Contact Information
Sellers name: Dawn Keats


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