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Aug 07, 2020

* This post is supported by Remap, but all opinions are my own. *

Remap are a charity that design and create, custom made equipment for people living with disabilities that promote independence and accessibility. Founded in 1964 by Pat Johnson, an engineer who set out to help his disabled sister live an easier, more independent life. After seeing the difference these simple adaptations had on his sister’s quality of life, Pat teamed up with fellow engineers to try and bring similar improvements to other people’s lives. Little did they know that they would eventually complete around 3,500 projects every year!

A little girl is sat on a horse with a specialised saddle that supports her spine. She is wearing pink riding gear and smiling directly at the camera.
A blonde female is sat in an orange wheelchair, which has several specialised adaptions that allow her peers to pull the wheelchair up a rocky mountain.

Due to the nature of their services, Remap understand that in order to provide solutions to everyday problems when there is nothing commercially available, they must support people of all ages, regardless of their income They also provide this service free of charge by relying on donations, fundraisers and a team of volunteers. Particularly engineers who can offer their time to help people with a range of both physical and mental disabilities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, or Scotland via their sister organisation.

To see just how much their adaptive solutions could impact your quality of life, check out their customer stories. This powerful collection of testimonials proves that by thinking outside the box, independence and enjoyment can be achieved.

An elderly gentleman with an amputated arm is using an adapted walking frame, which has a raised handlebar on one side to support his amputated arm.
A young male is sat on a bright blue adapted tricycle. His dad is controlling the brakes via a second set of handlebars on the back of the bike! They both have huge smiles on their faces.
A young girl with dwarfism is stood next to a bathroom sink with the help of a specially adapted step stool! She is holding a blue washcloth and smiling directly at the camera.

At AYL we are committed to sharing unbiased information on the best products and services for people with disabilities, so it is an honour to be partnering with Remap! For more information on how to access their services, making a donation, and becoming a volunteer - simply check out the links below!

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Dark green Remap logo with the words "making things possible" written underneath the company name in white.
An orange banner with information on the writer of this blog - Lori! Along with an image of Lori sitting in a black wheelchair with a multicoloured blanket wrapped around her legs, whilst looking over her shoulder.
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