Ottobock B400 Powered Wheelchair

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Ottobock B400

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This black frame came with desk arms, kerb climber, electric backrest and a seat that can tilt backwards. The footplates are removable and have a kickstrap to keep my feet from going backwards, along with a pommel between my legs to stop one turning in. I have a Matrx TR back shell to give lateral support, coupled with Vicair air-cushioning to give pressure relief on my bony back, and a Vicair Academy seat cushion to give pressure relief and cope with the asymmetry of my lower trunk. The chair was also modified with smaller anti-tipping wheels so that there was enough ground clearance for me to back up the little ramp onto my vehicle’s side lift, and additional rear tie-down positions that I could reach myself. A luggage rack on the back allows oxygen cylinders to be fixed in such a way that I can reach the controls myself. There is also a lap belt, pressure reliving gel-pads in the armrests and a detachable headrest. I have added little LED lights myself, since Wheelchair Services would not pay for built-in ones.

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I've shopped in it all day, or been for longish walks, but have never tried to go more than about 5 miles at a time. (Manufacture Claims: Up To 30 km)

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Wheelchair Services 
RMS prepared it for the NHS)

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This is more an indoor chair than an outdoor one. It is narrow enough to fit through most doors and compact enough to use in quite tight spaces, and the kerb climber takes it up small steps – indoors or out. It is good on the flat, even on quite rough surfaces (my casters are the chunkiest I could get), reasonable at hills (helped by having smaller anti-tipping wheels than normal) but hopeless on a sideways camber. I use it round town and in the village, but have to be careful when passing a dropped kerb that it doesn’t spin round sideways into the road. I am happy to use it “cross country”, but only in flat areas. As with most power chairs, a wheelchair accessible vehicle is the only sensible way to transport it, and I drive a VW Caravelle with side lift. Putting tie-down positions out of reach of the occupant on any chair is unnecessary and, I believe, a design fault. Whether this is an issue will depend on the individual concerned, but it is important to someone like me who drives themselves and may not have anyone with me. An automatic tie-down system involving attaching stuff to the bottom of the chair would have been an option, but reduces ground clearance. I have always preferred (and am able) to manage an alternative strapping system, and I regularly go over ground rough enough to require the maximum clearance possible. The kickstrap going from one footplate to the other, to keep my feet falling back, makes removing the footplates a bit awkward, but the heel-loops on offer were a worse option and I rarely need to remove the footplates anyway. All the conventional oxygen cylinder holders I know about hold cylinders high and vertical, sticking out at the back of the chair with knobs that I could neither read nor reach to turn. Being able to lie a cylinder sideways just behind the backrest on a rack worked relatively well.

I really had to fight for this chair. It took 1 year 8 months for the Wheelchair Services to finally produce something that really suited my needs, but it was worth it in the end. I would have preferred something with better outdoor capability, but that would have been at the expense of the narrow width and indoor capability and is not something they offer where we live anyway. I am lucky enough to also have a very ancient outdoor/indoor chair that I keep for country walks, and the pair of chairs suit me well.

Reviewer: Anonymous
Disability or Medical Condition: Paraplegia & Neurosarcoidosis

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