TiLite Aero T Manual Wheelchair

Wheelchair Name: 
TiLite Aero T

Tell us what your wheelchair looks like: 
Rigid black frame with white piping, mid height back rest (includes a nice sized pocket), fold-able push handles, removable splash guards and armrests, grated metal footplate. Wheels have treads and easy grip for self propulsion. Back folds down and wheels are removable for easy transport.

Where did you get this wheelchair: 
TiLite (via NuMotion)

This wheelchair is really comfortable?
Agree - It's so comfortable, my dog sneaks into it when I transfer to the couch!

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This wheelchair is easy to transport?

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Personal Opinion:

The wheelchair I had before this one was basically a transport chair not meant for long term use, so this TiLite Aero T is better in nearly every aspect. It's very comfortable to sit in all day while I'm working, and the cushion hasn't lost any comfort in the two years I've been using it. I feel like I'm sitting up tall when I'm in it. I love the pocket on the back of the chair; it's so convenient! The chair is easily adjustable with an Allen wrench, and certain parts--the splash guards, armrests--are completely removable. The back of the chair folds down into the seat easily by pulling a small bar, also located on the back. The wheels are removable, but I find that difficult to do without assistance because my disability also affects my hand strength. So if you'll be getting in and out of a car, rather than a larger vehicle, and have trouble removing and reattaching the wheels, this may not be the chair for you. Thankfully, my husband is able to load my chair in and out of our van without issue. Finally,I have had some problems with the wheelchair tipping, particularly when it’s loaded with too much baggage. It tips forward if I lean too far to pick something off the floor. I learned this the hard way when I tried to pick up my dog (miniature dachshund) the first day I was in the chair. So to prevent tipping forward, I have to make sure my bottom is all the way at the back of the seat before I lean. But depending on the needs of the user, this may be difficult for some people/not practical.

Overall, this chair has drastically improved my life, as I was in near constant pain in my old one. I would highly recommend it to those looking for a comfortable, compact manual wheelchair.

Reviewer: Monica Thomas
Disability or Medical Condition: Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, Type 2A

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