Smartdrive MX2+ Wheelchair Powered Attachment

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Smartdrive MX2+

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Black device with a handle, along with one large wheel that is made up of several individual rollers.

Please explain how you attach/remove the item from your wheelchair or scooter:
To remove the Smartdrive you can simply lift it up by the handle. Then when it's horizontal, lift it off the bracket. Installing is the reverse; keep Smartdrive horizontal, put it on the bracket and drop it down to the floor.

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How long does the battery last?
Depending on terrain about 10km

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Personal Opinion:

The Smartdrive MX2+ is the newer and improved model of the previous versions. It comes with a watch that you use to control the device; so you simply double tap to go and then tap again when you reach your desired speed. This makes hill-starts extremely easy! Not only can you use the watch to change your speed, but it can also be linked to an app to alter your maximum speed, acceleration and tap sensitivity.

I can't push myself very far, but with this attachment I can go anywhere! Then when I combine the Smartdrive with my RGK Frontwheel, it can be used on any terrain! I absolutely love this device, as it is so easy to install and it gives me the freedom to independently go anywhere. I can also travel in normal taxis all by myself now.

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