Advanced Mobility Independence Manual Buggy

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Advanced Mobility Independence

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A specialist 3 wheel buggy with large air filled wheels for using on rough terrain. It is a navy blue and sliver shaped and canvas seat and seat back with a recline function. It has large basket underneath, a hood and comes with a clear rain cover. It has a fixed front wheel with an adjustable height footrest and an adjustable height 5 point harness.

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Special Needs Pushchairs

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My daughter has a day to day wheelchair for school and urban/suburban situations, but we love being outdoors and going on walks. We found her regular chair limited where we could go, so this has been a great second chair for us. It has given us the opportunity to explore more places and we have used it on grass, woodland walks, gravel and on firm sand; so it is very versatile!

It is a large chair though, so it's not suitable for everyday use or for traveling in a vehicle. It’s not a a great deal wider than my daughters regular wheelchair, but much longer and much less manoeuvrable in a small space. It's very easy to push, although the fixed front wheel takes a bit of getting used to. It can be folded (the folding mechanism is half way up the frame and is the same as Baby Jogger toddler buggies) and the wheels can be easily removed for transportation. I would say that the basic frame is much the same as an off road toddler buggy, but larger in size. We have not had to do any adaptions, but it is possible to put in some postural support inserts.

There are other similar chairs on the market that do additional things like hitch up to a bike, however this one is simply a pushchair (which is all we needed) and that is reflected in the price comparison.

We have had the chair since my daughter was 6 and she's now 8 years old, she’s an average height and still has plenty of growth room! The recommended age range is from about 5-10 years old.

Reviewer: Vaila Morrison (Relative or friend of a Wheelchair User)
Disability or Medical Condition: Rare Genetic Condition, Resulting In Profound Learning Disability, Sensory Processing & Hypermobility/Hypotonia

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