Drive Folding Steel Wheelchair

Wheelchair Name: 
Drive Folding Steel Wheelchair

Tell us what your wheelchair looks like: 
Black frame, wheels and seat.
Large self propel wheels that aren't removable. Big footplates that stick out, but can easily be removed when chair isn't being used.

Where did you get this wheelchair: 
Ebay (brand new)

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Strongly Disagree

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Personal Opinion:

This chair is easy to fold and the bulky footplates can be removed, making it a lot narrower and easier to put away. But it is still quite tall, as back doesn't fold down and wheels aren't removable like some of the other folding frames I have seen. The backrest is made of a thin material, but it is surprisingly really sturdy and you could easily put a heavy bag over the handles without damaging the chair.

The chair can be thrown into brief wheelie by the user to get over small bumps, but there is no way to balance it in a wheelie as the weight is centred too far forwards for it to work.

Overall it is really good value for money, as it cost about £70 for the chair and it handles. It is also much better than a chair my friend has, which was closer to £150-200 in cost. So if you need a cheap chair that you won't need to self propel too far, but could get around solo when necessary then I would 100% recommend this chair. Although it is not comfy enough to sit in for long periods of time and it is hard to manoeuvre tight corners in, but considering the price compared to other chairs I'd say its a really good chair!

Reviewer: Sarah Wood
Disability or Medical Condition: Fibromyalgia

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