Freewheel Additional Part

Type of Attachment or Accessory: 
Additional Part

Item Name:

Tell us what your attachment looks like: 
black clip on wheel
clips onto footplate
option of different fittings

How did you get this attachment or accessory:
Paid For By Friends / Family

Where did you get this attachment: 
Freewheel website

What would you rate this Attachment, Additional Part or Accessory: 


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DOC Concept)

This item makes me more comfortable?
Strongly Agree

This item is easy to transport?

This item is great off road?

This item can easily be adapted?

Please explain how you attach/remove the item from your wheelchair:
clips onto wheelchair using a leaver
has the option of different fittings

Personal Opinion:

Means I can go off road and walk the dog
Makes it a smoother ride
If you use the wrong fitting you can snap your footplate (not helpful)

Reviewer: Etheridge
Disability or Medical Condition: CRPS, Fibro, Hyper mobility, Epilepsy

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