Invacare Action Junior 3 Manual Wheelchair

Wheelchair Name: 
Invacare Action Junior 3

Tell us what your wheelchair looks like: 
Simple manual children's wheelchair with self propel wheels and small front castors. It can be folded to make it narrower in width. It has a canvas seat, with cushion insert and canvas back panel, armrests, skirt guards, a lap belt and chest harness. There are anti tip bars at the back and the small front castors are on quite wide outriggers to make the chair stable. It has swing away and removable footrests. The main frame is a cheerful orange colour, although many of the fixings are the basic metal or black.

How did you get this wheelchair:     
From Wheelchair Services

Where did you get this wheelchair: 
Provide Wheelchair Services

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Personal Opinion:

After my daughter outgrew her specialist buggy (at about age 6) this was the 3rd (and most appropriate for her) wheelchair that we tried.

My daughter has learning disabilities, so although it has self propel wheels, we use it as an assisted push (transit chair). You can get smaller transit wheels, but we found those to be very hard and made the chair very bumpy and rattly over uneven ground, and also made the chair less manoeuvrable. The larger wheels have more natural shock absorption and allow the chair to pivot in a small space.

The self propel wheels on this chair are not great for someone who will do a lot of self propelling, as they are set quite far to the back of the chair. This is ideal for us as we have the benefit of the larger wheels without my daughter playing with the tyres (she loves sensory materials!) or getting her fingers trapped.

Wheelchair services added the chest harness for us, so to fold the chair we have to unscrew a brace across the back of the chair. We could also have had a solid back with chest harness attached too (in that case the back would be lifted off to fold the chair).

We have found it easy to hang a small backpack or wheelchair tidy to the back handles without making the chair unstable.

We have also added some of our own accessories.

The Action Jnr has a selection of decorated spoke guards that you can choose from, however we asked for plain clear plastic ones and we decorate them ourselves with easily removable wall and window stickers. At the moment my daughter has superhero wall decorations from Dunelm Mill and she previously had snowflake window decorations.

We have also replaced the front castors with LED castors from Spinnerz. They come in 2 sizes and were easy to fit. They light up with the motion of the wheels turning, so they are great fun and a real talking point, especially in the winter in the darker afternoons.

Although this is a fairly simple chair (and could be more stylish!), and is not ideal for those who self propel, it suits my daughter's requirements very well so I have given it 4 stars.

Reviewer: Vaila Morrison (Relative or friend of a Wheelchair User)
Disability or Medical Condition: Rare genetic condition resulting in Profound and Multiple Learning Disability, Sensory Processing and Hypermobility/Hypotonia

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