Kuschall K-Series Manual Wheelchair

Wheelchair Name: 
Kuschall K-Series

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Rigid frame with folding backrest. Quick release, self propelled wheels. Low backrest and adjustable push handles.

How did you get this wheelchair:
Wheelchair Voucher Scheme

Where did you get this wheelchair: 
Millbrook Wheelchair Services

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Personal Opinion:

I love this wheelchair, as it gets me around. The cushion is super comfy, so you can sit in it for long periods of time. The position of the seat is also very easy to adjust. However there are a few draw backs, including the push rims as they hurt when pushing for more than a few minutes. Also, I don't like that I can't adjust the angle of the footplate, like you can the rest of the wheelchair. Finally, I think the wheels provided by wheelchairs services are ugly as they look old and have SO many spokes. I want something that looks more stylish!

Reviewer: Allison

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