Neoprene Water Bottle & Neosling Carrier Wheelchair Accessory

Item Name:
Neoprene Water Bottle & Neosling Carrier

Tell us what your attachment looks like: 
A chilled thermo bottle that comes in various colours. It can either be used for humans or dogs, as it has a small bowl attachment that I use for my assistance dog.

Please explain how you attach/remove the item from your wheelchair or scooter:
I simply attach the bottle to my headrest on my wheelchair, so it is near me at all times and can easily be accessed.

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Personal Opinion:

This water bottle is easy to use and carry around with the sling carrier. The sling can easily attach to any wheelchair and can be adjusted. It also saves carrying a bottle and bowl in my bag for my assistance dog. It keeps the water really cool and comes in a variety of lovely colours. Win, win all round!

Reviewer: Jane Lloyd
Disability or Medical Condition: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

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