Ottobock Ventus Manual Wheelchair

Wheelchair Name: 
Ottobock Ventus

Tell us what your wheelchair looks like: 
Very light compact active wheelchair with a Deep blue frame with fold down back rest, solid blue foot plate , quick release wheels, standard wheel package but will have marathon plus tyres, the surge LT Gand rims and frog leg castors within 2 weeks.

How did you get this wheelchair:
Paid for it myself

Where did you get this wheelchair: 
The mobility aids centre, Peterborough

What would you rate this wheelchair: 


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This wheelchair is really comfortable?
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This wheelchair is easy to take apart?
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This wheelchair is easy to transport?
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This wheelchair is easy to use on public transport?
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This wheelchair is great off road?

This wheelchair can go up or down a kerb/small step?
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This wheelchair can easily be adapted?
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Can you hang bags and equipment onto the wheelchair?

Do you have problems with the wheelchair tipping?

Personal Opinion:

I love my chair , it’s the 4th chair I have tried and I now won’t get a different chair, it is lightweight and fully adjustable with seat and back adjustment, and very easy to adjust the centre of gravity. My chair has a fold down back and quick release wheels for easy transport, it is light weight and very strong. I am in my chair 24/7 and it greatly improves my life. It’s not just a chair it’s my legs! I would recommend this chair to anyone looking for a lightweight strong active wheelchair.

Reviewer: Emily Zivtins
Disability or Medical Condition: Spinal Injury and Monoplegia.

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