Phoenix Instinct Unstoppable Gear Bag combo Wheelchair Accessory

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Phoenix Instinct Unstoppable Gear Bag combo

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Designed by a wheelchair user for wheelchair users (mainly), the sturdy grey, black and red wheeled luggage bag and matching attachable/detachable rucksack are made of sturdy fabric and zips with lots of matching handles perfectly positioned to let you attach and detach the luggage from the backrest of your wheelchair and lift or move the cavernous bags to pack and use.

How did you get this attachment:
Paid for it myself.

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Saw it on Kickstarter 2 years ago and preordered.

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Please explain how you attach/remove the item from your wheelchair or scooter:
The larger main wheeled case easily clips to the bar across the back of my Tilite fixed frame chair. Works seamlessly with a SmartDrive. When travelling, I keep chargers in the zip compartment at the top of the case, meaning you can easily reach in for chargers or reach passed them to unzip the bottom of the section to get access to the inside main compartment. The matching rucksack clips securely to the case but both can be used on their own too. The rucksack hangs over the top of my backrest and has 2 full size main compartments. When both are attached together, it doesn’t make the wheelchair any more ‘tippy’. To detach the Unstoppable, I slide it slightly to the side of the bar and tug it upwards and to attach it, just push down on the specially designed clamp - there are different clamps depending on the chair you have.

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Personal Opinion:

I haven’t used a suitcase since I bought it nearly 2 years ago and have the rucksack for everyday use as well as using both when travelling by train, car or bus. The rucksack is large enough to use on its own as a weekend or overnight bag. With handles on the top, sides and base of the main gear bag this makes it easy to manoeuvre on and off the bed for packing and getting in and out of the car. I’ve had it lying in the footwell behind the front seats, on the back seats, standing to the side in the boot meaning there’s space for my fixed frame wheelchair and plenty of other things too. The multidirectional wheels (similar in operation to the SmartDrive) mean the luggage easily changes direction when attached and I can forget that it’s there. As you can tell, I love my Unstoppable Gear kit and wouldn’t be without it now. Yes, it’s a considered purchase but for me, it’s life changing and independence giving.

Reviewer: Wilma

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