Pride Go Powered Wheelchair

Wheelchair Name: 
Pride Go Powered Wheelchair

Tell us what your wheelchair looks like: 
Red base, upholstered material seat with a low back.

Where did you get this wheelchair: 
Private Sale

This wheelchair is really comfortable?

This wheelchair is easy to take apart?
Strongly Agree

This wheelchair is easy to transport?
Strongly Agree

This wheelchair is great off road?
Strongly Disagree

How long does the battery last?
As I have been unable to use this I do not know, but believe it to be around 8 miles.

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Personal Opinion:

I bought this chair to use indoors, which works well as it has a small turning circle and a smallish base. However, I also need to access areas of my garden that have small "steps", which this chair cannot cope with as it is very close to the ground. Although it would be fine in a shopping centre; you just have to take into consideration that there isn’t anywhere to hang your bags on the back, which could be limiting if you were on your own.

On a positive note, the chair is nowhere near as heavy as some of the other power chairs I have used and it can easily be dismantled into 3 pieces, meaning you can actually fit it into a car boot. It is quite comfy and easy to drive. There is also a small tray just behind your legs which is useful if you can reach it. Although it is quite lightweight, so I would be quite wary of shifting my weight on it as I am accustomed to bigger chairs.

Sadly this chair is not the best fit for me/my lifestyle, but I can see how it would be useful to people with an average saloon car, as opposed to a WAV because it is so easy to transport.

Reviewer: Jane Lloyd
Disability or Medical Condition: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

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