Quickie Lite Manual Wheelchair

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Quickie Lite

Tell us what your wheelchair looks like: 
Pink folding frame, folding foot plate, push handles; adjustable frame and easy to use brakes.

How did you get this wheelchair:
Paid for it myself

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This wheelchair is really comfortable?

This wheelchair is easy to take apart?

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Do you have problems with the wheelchair tipping?
Only when loaded with too much baggage

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Personal Opinion:

This wheelchair is relatively easy to propel, but it is heavy to lift if you are on your own. So it can be quite difficult to get in and out if the car if you don't have someone with you. The frame can be taken apart to make it smaller, but as the parts are quite heavy I find this difficult. The wheelchair is comfortable to sit in, unless you are going over rough terrains as it makes the frame wobble. I think this wheelchair is a good choice for people who need support during their day-to-day routines, but not anyone who goes off road regularly.

Reviewer: Anonymous
Disability or Medical Condition: Paraplegic

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