RGK Maxlite Manual Wheelchair

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RGK Maxlite

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Purple paint job with box style frame and thin tubes. Tarta Backrest and ergo-sit seating cushion. Loopwheels, Freewheel & Smartdrive that can be attached when needed.

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This wheelchair has made me so much more mobile! The frame is made to fit my body measurements, making it feel like an extension of me instead of a hinder.

I recently repainted the frame to purple, which I love and the box style frame has very thin tubes (less than 1 inch diameter). The original backrest has been changed to a Tarta Backrest, as I needed extra support to keep me sitting up straight. The ergo-sit seating is also very comfortable compared to a straight seating area. Together these alterations enable me to sit in my chair for a lot longer than before, meaning my daily distance is only limited by the battery instead of my energy as I use a Smartdrive to help me get around independently. I also have Loopwheels and a RGK Frontwheel, which make the chair a lot more comfortable when going over rough terrain.

I would definitely recommend this chair to others, along with some additional Loopwheels as they make the overall experience a lot comfier!

Reviewer: Anonymous

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