Travelux Venture Powered Wheelchair

Wheelchair Name: 
Travelux Venture

Tell us what your wheelchair looks like: 
Black faux leather seat with folding backrest which has an elasticated pocket. Front wheel drive with two smaller wheels at back. Black and white frame. Cow horn control handle. Large folding height adjustable footplate. Flip up, height/width adjustable arm rests. Does also come in grey, larger captain seat with headrest and swing away controller. Seat can be lifted off base and it also swivels using a push lever.

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This wheelchair is really comfortable?

This wheelchair is easy to take apart?

This wheelchair is easy to transport?

This wheelchair is great off road?
Strongly Disagree

How long does the battery last?
Full day, as it has a 12 mile range.

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Personal Opinion:

The main benefit of this chair is the elevating seat, however the elevating switch does take some strength to use and it meant that the chair cost a few hundred pounds more than frames of a similar size. It is relatively small, but you might have to accept some damage to your indoor paint work, as the rear wheels stick out making it difficult to judge where the wheels are. I also think that it tends to over steer at the faster speeds, despite being a front wheel drive. It also doesn't come apart for transport and it is very heavy to lift - to the point I'd say a hoist would be needed to get it into a car, unless you had a wheelchair accessible vehicle. However, I wouldn't use it outdoors as it isn't made for uneven surfaces; so I don’t have to worry about transporting it.

I personally removed one of the arm rests and don't use the footplate, making it easier to transfer and use around my tiny house. Otherwise you need a lot more space, as the footplate makes the turning circle bigger. Occasionally there are problems with the wheelchair tipping, particularly when leaning forward whilst using the footplate; which is another reason as to why I removed it. I also don’t think it is suitable for sitting in all day, because there is no pressure relieving qualities to the seat. So if it wasn't for the elevating seat, it wouldn’t be my first choice as I prefer mid wheel drive chairs. My chair also arrived smashed to bits, but Betterlife replaced it without any issues.

Reviewer: Sarah
Disability or Medical Condition: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) & Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

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