Zippie Iris Children’s Manual Wheelchair

Wheelchair Name: 
Zippie Iris 2

Tell us what your wheelchair looks like: 
Manual wheelchair, standard seating system, Color Pink, tilting system, harness, laterals, straps, vent tray, activity tray, oxygen tank holder, IV pole

How did you get this wheelchair:     
From Wheelchair Services

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Do you have problems with the wheelchair tipping?
Yes, when loaded with too much baggage. With the amount of equipment my special needs child requires, it causes the wheelchair to be unbalanced tipping it back on its anti tippers. Uneasy feeling as a caregiver to have to rely on the safety of anti tippers.

Personal Opinion:

This Paediatric wheelchair is easy to manoeuvre and transport if you only have the load of the patient with minimal baggage! In our case, my child is medically complex and requires the use of life support equipment. The load of a ventilator machine, pulse oximeter, oxygen tank, emergency bag, and the important essentials to care for a special needs child is too much load for the wheelchair. The current total weight of my child, equipment, and wheelchair all together is 173lbs (78.47 kg). That's a very heavy load for a caregiver! In all fairness the wheelchair is a good piece of equipment, comfortable seating system, easy to manoeuvre on smooth levelled terrain, & as a paediatric wheelchair it can be adjusted as the child grows, but the modifications to accommodate extraordinary needs fall short. Currently we can't recline my child's seat because the oxygen tank & vent tray are modified to the back of wheelchair on top of each other..For a child with respiratory issues positioning is very important unfortunately not being able to recline the seat is an inconvenience. We hope our feedback resonates with our special needs community and more importantly influence ideas to those who work making adaptive equipment.

Reviewer: Aerilyn Colon (Carer of a Wheelchair User)
Disability or Medical Condition: Trisomy13

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