Ripple Effects

Mar 04, 2022

* This post is written by one of our volunteer content creators. *

Hi guys! Welcome to another blog from me - Adam. Through my 45 year old eyes, I look back at all MY bad choices and foolish ways (which is basically my entire life journey), and I see the ripple effect in all its glory. It’s like throwing pebbles into a river still as glass, then watching the ripples travel far into the distance as the eye can see. The bigger the pebble, the wider the ripples become. A chain reaction that perfectly describes my life, because for every action there has been a reaction. Yet I was previously unable to see the ripples in my life through my beer filled eyes, let alone deal with them in the correct manner. But thankfully now that I am sober and can see clearly, I understand that fear has two meanings and so I must pick. Either live my life in fear of everything or face up to the fear and rise.

Although sometimes I think, to rise you need to find the heart of a lion and the gentleness of a saint within yourself. Hence why I now choose to put on my armour every day, so that I can face every ripple head on with conviction, love, and forgiveness. Negative ripples are understandably harder to deal with and could have easily led to negative consequences for both myself and those around me. But I’ve learned that once you throw a pebble, there is no getting it back or controlling the ripples you have caused. Life simply doesn’t work that way. Once I accepted this mindset, I accepted myself. Allowing me to begin forgiving myself, whilst also slowly doing the same for people in my life whom I have wronged.

I’m sure I won’t be the only one wishing I’d learnt such a valuable life lesson sooner, but then I remember to rise you have to fall first. So, for those of you currently trying/struggling to rise, you are technically already halfway there! Plus, there is no running from yourself, so how about standing beside me as we rise together, then one by one start doing the right thing before the ripples decide for us? We are all capable of turning our trajectory around, even if it feels impossible at times, I am here to tell you otherwise.

Love & Light - Adam x

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