Pride Go-Go Elite Mobility Scooter

Type of Scooter:
Small Lightweight Scooter

Scooter Name: 
Pride Go-Go Elite

Tell us what your scooter looks like: 
A four wheeled red scooter with a 17v battery and a swivel seat.

How did you get this scooter: 
Paid for it myself.

Where did you get this scooter: 
(No answer given)

What would you rate this scooter: 


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This scooter is really comfortable?
Strongly Agree

This scooter is easy to take apart?
Strongly Agree

This scooter is easy to transport?
Strongly Agree

This scooter is great off road?
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Do you have problems with the scooter tipping?

How long does the battery last?

Heavy Duty

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Personal Opinion:

This scooter is very stable and easy to drive. The battery lasts for long periods of time, which is great! I never have to worry about it dying whilst I am out and about. Although the battery is quite heavy to lift on and off the scooter. It can easily be taken apart, meaning the scooter pretty much goes in any car with ease! It can also be taken on an aeroplane, which was a big selling point for me. However, I don’t think it likes flying as the battery doesn’t cope well. I think the battery must get cold and therefore it won't work immediately, which is not ideal when you are getting off the aircraft and need to get through the airport!

Reviewer: Karen
Disability or Medical Condition: Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

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