Sterling Pearl Mobility Scooter

Type of Scooter:
Small Lightweight Scooter

Scooter Name: 
Sterling Pearl

Tell us what your scooter looks like: 
Four wheeled scooter with a red and black frame. It also has adjustable handlebars, which can be locked into place. The scooter is very easy to dismantle and goes into five parts. It also has a padded swivel seat with flip arm rests. The Pearl Sterling also has a basket on the front for extra storage.

It relies on 2 x 12 volt 21 amp batteries and can be charged off board.

How did you get this scooter: 
Paid for it myself.

Where did you get this scooter: 
Mobility Giant

What would you rate this scooter: 


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This scooter is really comfortable?

This scooter is easy to take apart?

This scooter is easy to transport?

This scooter is easy to use on public transport?

This scooter is great off road?
Strongly Agree

This scooter can go up or down a kerb/small step?
Strongly Agree

This scooter can easily be adapted?

Can you hang bags and equipment onto the scooter?


Do you have problems with the scooter tipping?

How long does the battery last?

I can get a good four days off a 24hr charge depending on the journey...but that’s just me.

Personal Opinion:

When looking for a scooter, one of the main things attractions for me was the speed and how far it could go. So this travel scooter met my needs perfectly, as I typically only use it when going to the local shopping centres or to take my dogs out. It was also the perfect device to help me regain some of my confidence, because it is quite hard to accept when you suddenly become disabled at the age of 17! I honestly didn’t know anything about medical devices, so when it came to it all I knew was that I just wanted something reliable and something that would allow me to get out for a little longer. The Sterling Pearl has done exactly this and was a very good choice for my needs / lifestyle.

The basket comes in super handy when out and about and the flip up arm rests make it easier access to get on and off the scooter, especially for people who only have the use of their upper body strength. It is the perfect scooter to take with you when using public transport or a car, as it can quickly and easily be dismantled and stowed in the boot of a car. With a full charge this scooter goes up to 15 miles at a speed of 4mph and for me...that was great! Anything to get me back out and regain some independence. I used to rely on a manual wheelchair, which was difficult due to tremors and dodgy grip. So I have loved being able to regain my freedom! The batteries charge quite quickly and I love that you can charge them up off board, because it means I can leave my scooter outside for easy access and bring the battery into the living room or bedroom for charging! So I would highly recommend the Sterling Pearl!

Reviewer: Case

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