Solax Easy Life Mobility Scooter

Type of Scooter:
Small Lightweight Scooter

Scooter Name: 
Solax Easy Life

Tell us what your scooter looks like: 
Lightweight Folding Scooter.

How did you get this scooter: 
Paid for it myself.

Where did you get this scooter: 
Mork Mobility

What would you rate this scooter: 


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This scooter is really comfortable?
Strongly Agree

This scooter is easy to take apart?

This scooter is easy to transport?

This scooter is great off road?
Strongly Disagree

Do you have problems with the scooter tipping?
Yes, Too heavy to lift

How long does the battery last?


Where did you hear about us:


Personal Opinion:

This scooter has the ability to go over a variety of surfaces, including gravel, uneven pavements and grass. It is easy to fold down, making it perfect for transporting and travelling. However, I personally find it too heavy to lift.

Reviewer: Fred

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