TGA Supersport Mobility Scooter

Type of Scooter:
Large, Road Legal Scooter

Scooter Name: 
TGA Supersport

Tell us what your scooter looks like: 
3 wheeled scooter with
black and chrome frame.

How did you get this scooter: 
Paid for it myself.

Where did you get this scooter: 
Exeter Disability

What would you rate this scooter: 


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This scooter is really comfortable?
Strongly Agree

This scooter is easy to take apart?
Strongly Disagree

This scooter is easy to transport?
Strongly Agree

This scooter is great off road?
Strongly Agree

Do you have problems with the scooter tipping?
Yes, only on really rough ground
e.g off-road on Dartmoor

How long does the battery last?

21 miles or several days!

Where did you hear about us:


Personal Opinion:

The TGA Supersport is a three wheel Mobility Scooter specifically designed for off road use. However despite the battery typically lasting several days, it will only last one day if you take it off road. So that can be quite annoying if you are away from home! It is very powerful off road and the range is decent, so it is very reliable. Although because it only has 3 wheels, if you are on a surface that is extremely uneven it can feel less stable. But typically it copes well off road, so I would recommend this scooter to anyone who needs something that can tackle rough terrains! Although the accelerator is on the right hand side, so it might not work for someone who predominately uses their left hand side.

It has all the style and feel of a stylish motorcycle, which looks really cool! You would think with it being a large scooter that is it quite cumbersome, but the turning circle is springily good.

Reviewer: Gordon
Disability or Medical Condition: Polio & Post Polio syndrome

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