Sitting With My Stranger

Sep 27, 2021

* This post is written by one of our volunteer content creators.*

Hi guys! Just wanted to offer some food for thought and invite discussions. Everyone has a voice, the good, bad and the ugly, but always with love and light. Otherwise, you’re on the wrong blog, my friend.

Along this journey I have come to realise the more I looked inward, the more I felt like I was sitting with a stranger and that stranger was me! A blip caught in a paradigm. Asking the million-dollar question, “who am I?” because I didn’t have a clue and that was sobering, to say the least! All the while saying, “you’ve got this, McDonald” and having the courage to face up to my demons, yet still feeling overwhelmed with love and forgiveness for yourself before asking forgiveness from others.

I’m loving getting to know myself and exploring my way through life, as opposed to hiding my true identity from myself. Yet it's always lurking in the back of my mind, just like being a passenger in my own car. So, I’m learning to be more embracing of the darkness, bringing it into the light, and noticing the little things that mean the most in life. I’m not being treated badly; in fact, I’m rich in spirit and support from friends who have a love and respect for me. All of which supersedes gender, or any change that comes at my door.

When I sit now, the only stranger is the one sitting beside me, waiting for the same bus. I’m not a stranger to myself anymore. More importantly when I say, “I’ve got this”, I honestly and truly believe I do. Meaning you can too if you truly want to!

Love & Light - Adam x

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