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Sep 05, 2020

About Us:

(This post has been written voluntarily by guest blogger Tara Johnson from Tailored Leisure.)

Tailored Leisure Co. was founded in 2019 as a clear response to unmatched local social needs. The gap became clear after a community consultation, which highlighted endless barriers to accessing leisure and short break services for people living with physical disabilities.

As a healthcare professional working in the community, I would often hear of the barriers people faced when trying to access accessible leisure and short break experiences; and as a young mother of two who suffers with Cerebral Palsey, I know all too well how the simplest enjoyable activity can be made stressful. It often feels impossible to take part in such things due to the lack of access. So together with 3 other healthcare professionals and a community consultation, I decided to act upon these needs by launching Tailored Leisure!

We have already launched Sit To Be Fit, an online exercise and yoga programme, offering 12 weeks of instructor lead sessions from the comfort of your own home, whilst also meeting others in the community. We are ready to launch the fully accessible Spa Therapy and are already taking bookings. We are also currently developing a unique Short Breaks service in the North East/Northumberland area, which will consist of 6 lodges offering 2- 3 bedrooms that are fully accessible with hoists and on-site care support on private land. Along with a reception, café, and leisure services managed by disabled volunteers.

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Community Impact:

The project starts from with the voices of people living with disabilities and in turn, is designed around what people tell us. The community consultation confirmed a large gap in short break services and clarified the great long term benefit it would bring to both impacted families and the whole community. In order to enforce our engagement with the community and increase awareness for our services and brand, we launched a customer survey that has already reached more than 100 families. You too can contribute by sharing your requests and desires in our 3-minute long survey linked HERE. We would really appreciate your feedback and in doing so, you could be in with a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher!

You can also sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on our project developments, or volunteer with us! We will build our services around your needs! For more information please click the links below and/or drop us an email at tailored.leisure@gmail.com.

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