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Along with the other areas of this website, one of our goals was to create a safe space for disabled people, their carers and their families. Providing you with the opportunity to communicate with people who truly understand. Hence the creation of our ‘TALK’ page!

With the help of the internet, it can be very easy to contact someone with the same diagnosis as yourself. However, I have learnt first hand how beneficial it can be to talk to someone with a completely different diagnosis. Obviously if your symptoms are similar, then you will be able to relate with each other on so many levels. But even if your symptoms are not the same, it can be very therapeutic to talk to someone who knows how difficult it can be to live with a disability. Someone who gets all those little frustrations that occur, simply because you rely on a carer or depend on the use of a wheelchair. 

So this section of our website, allows users to initiate conversations, ask questions or seek advice. Then other users can contribute to by commenting, sharing knowledge or even asking further questions. For those of you who are not comfortable connecting with others in this way; you will still be able to see all the comments, questions and advice once they have been approved by the AYL team. So don’t panic, you are still able to benefit from all the information displayed within this section! We will then share your questions on social media, to ensure as many people get the chance to be apart of that conversation, benefit from the advice or to simply share their thoughts. Everyone’s voice will be valued, so don’t hesitate when it comes to posting something, because the chances are someone else is thinking the same thing, or feeling the same way! If not, the AYL team will do our best to guide and support you!

As mentioned above, everything will be reviewed before it is published, just so we can ensure nothing inappropriate or offensive is being said. We also encourage users to report anything they think is unsuitable to be on display, or anything they have felt uncomfortable reading. If requested, your details will remain anonymous, so you don’t have to feel embarrassed about getting in touch!

We have initiated a few discussions as an example, but look forward to hearing from you all soon!