Adam’s November Life Update

Nov 29, 2021

* This post is written by one of our volunteer content creators.*

Hi guys! Hope you're all well and making your way as best you can through this thing called Life. I don’t know if any of you will remember - I have expressed I'm a trans man and have given you a brief idea regarding the waiting times for the initial one-to-one appointments with the gender clinic which takes more than 3 years to reach...well, I got my Harry Potter letter eventually welcoming me for my appointment in December 2021 at the Leeds Gender Identity Clinic! When I go I will be presenting as I am, Adam, as I am a few years on testosterone, a name change from Miss Mia Mcdonald to MR Adam Mcdonald! And don’t forget that “MR” cost me £15!!! I’m hoping for a pretty direct route to top surgery within 2022.

Covid has changed civilization and our lives as we know it, or more than likely will ever know it again. Crazy times, my friends - this is exactly why it is so, so important that we grab hold of the things most dear to us with both arms, strong.

This coming January is going to be the achievement of one year sober, an achievement I was never sure if I would see, truth be told. It's all about transparency for me and seeing where I have come as opposed to where I’ve been, and an amazing time for me to leave behind the black shadows that come over me, where they will firmly remain. Each day I'm feeling the chains that were binding me beginning to crumble to dust. Every day is a new day and I’ve come to realise even the tiniest step forward is better than a big step backwards and as I’ve already said to you all before, none of us is getting out of here alive!

One life, guys. F***ing live it!

Love and light,

Adam x

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