About Access Your Life:

Too many people living with mental and physical disabilities have been forced to continually advocate for themselves. If you need anything, whether it is a piece of equipment, an appointment with a consultant, or a medical investigation you must FIGHT for it. A process which can be extremely isolating, daunting, and difficult due to the number of unreliable sources and endless sales pitches.

Not only does Access Your Life strive to make some of these processes easier and more enjoyable for all. But we aim to share inclusive advice, reviews, and experiences to help others achieve a brighter future. Why? Because both Felix and I have a mutual understanding of the challenges associated with managing a disability in an inaccessible world. So, we set ourselves the challenge of alleviating some of the struggles people with disabilities face!

Fast forward to 2021 and our collection of online services are helping patients, carers, and healthcare professionals around the world. Best of all, we have been able to provide employment opportunities for several people living with disabilities that previously prevented them from finding work. We also have an amazing team of volunteers who create relatable and realistic content for our audience to enjoy.

Meet the team below!


Meet The Team:

(Director & Chief Lego Builder)
Determined to show the world that your disability does not define you.

(Director & Disney Fanatic)
Enjoys sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of living with a variety of illnesses.

(Security & Phone Answerer)
Showing the world how assistance dogs can transform someone’s quality of life.

(Social Media Administrator & Avid Gamer)
I aspire to encourage people that it’s okay to speak up about their mental illnesses and make the world a better and more inclusive place.

(Website Administrator & Needlecraft Hobbyist)
Aiming to show radical self-kindness in an otherwise competitive, fast-paced world.


Meet The Volunteers:

(Blogger & LGBTQ+ Advocate)
I have a passion for writing about my life with mental and chronic illnesses.

(Advocate & Travel Enthusiast)
Aiming to help make the inaccessible world more accessible to all.

(Thinker & 3D Doodler)
Sharing my lived experience of chronic illness.

(Transgender Veteran)