About Access Your Life:

Access Your Life was created in the hope of relieving some of the struggles patients and carers face every day, regardless of their location, finances or diagnosis.

Too many people living with disabilities have been forced to become their own advocates. If they need anything, whether it is a piece of equipment, an appointment with a consultant or a medical investigation they have to FIGHT for it. A process that can be extremely isolating, daunting and difficult due to the number of unreliable sources and endless sales pitches. Something that AYL founders Lauren and Felix know all about, following life long battles with different disabilities. However, it is because of these experiences that they became determined to alleviate some of the struggles associated with having a medical condition.

This is why Access Your Life strives to make some of these processes easier and more enjoyable for all. By encouraging people living with disabilities and their carers to share their experiences, to help those in similar situations! Whether that may be in the form of a product review, blog post or an advert for a second-hand device, this is a non-biased community you can trust!

Meet The Team:

(Director & Chief Lego Builder)
Determined to show the world that your disability does not define you.

(Director & Disney Fanatic)
Enjoys sharing the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of living with a variety of illnesses.

(Security & Phone Answerer)
Showing the world how assistance dogs can transform someone’s quality of life.

(Blogger & LGBTQ+ Advocate)
I have a passion for writing about my life with mental and chronic illnesses.

(Blogger & 3D Doodler)
Learning to share my experiences of being autistic and living with chronic illnesses.

(Advocate & Travel Enthusiast)
Aiming to help make the inaccessible world more accessible to all.

(Photographer & Urban Exploration Fan)
Using photography to show the beauty within everyday moments.