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Nov 09, 2020

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Like many events, the coronavirus outbreak resulted in Naidex 2020 being rescheduled to September 15th and 16th 2021. During which time, we will be hosting the very first AYL Treasure Hunt together with 10 other trusted exhibitors. Allowing us to provide attendees with the opportunity to discover stands they otherwise might not have known about, such as our tenth exhibitor - AbleMove!

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AbleMove was founded by travel enthusiast Josh Wintersgill. Who in recent years, found the challenges associated with travelling by aircraft to be more and more restrictive, stressful and undignified for wheelchair users. So much so that Josh set out to create a solution - the now hugely popular ableSling (formerly known as the easytravelseat)! Whilst originally developed primarily to assist with transfers on and off aircraft, it soon became apparent that the ableSling was being used by wheelchair users across the world in a variety of day to day scenarios. Including hospital appointments, theme parks, transport, swimming, dentist, boats, adaptive skiing, and much more. It is the most advanced, yet discreet in-situ transfer sling on the market, and is specifically designed for those unable to transfer themselves independently.

"Our mission is to improve the day-to-day life for those living with a physical disability by promoting greater confidence, freedom, choice and safety in everything we do. We do this by designing innovative products for wheelchair users that solve common everyday problems."

Nowadays AbleMove supplies an entire range of wheelchair accessories, allowing them to partner with a whole host of companies that want to utilise their products to make their services more accessible to all. Heathrow Airport, EasyJet and British Airways are just a few of the incredible brands that understand the benefit of using such products. Other products include the:

ableDry - Prevents wheelchair seating area from getting completely soaked, making it perfect for water-based activities lovers or for those managing incontinence.

ableStraps - Helps keeps legs together whilst in a seated position. A worthy individual purchase, which can also be used in conjunction with other ableMove products.

ableSling - Can be used by 2 to 4 lifters, or with a hoist. Comes with a built-in cushion to reduce discomfort when repositioning throughout the day, or during a manual transfer.

At AYL we are committed to sharing unbiased information on the best products and services for people with disabilities, so it is an honour to be partnering with AbleMove for the 2021 Naidex Treasure Hunt! For more information on how these products can promote greater accessibility, increase comfort, and eradicate barriers faced by disabled people in society - simply check out the links below!

For information on how to take part in this exclusive event where you could win one of three incredible prizes, please follow us on social media. You can also CLICK HERE to learn more about the other participating exhibitors.

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