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Beyond The Boundary Wheelchairs

May 31, 2019

* This post is not sponsored, meaning all opinions are my own and no one has paid AYL to share this. *

Beyond the Boundary Wheelchairs are distributors of the life-changing, stylish & versatile Trekinetic Wheelchairs. Both the manual & the powered models can comfortably tackle cobblestones, forest tracks, uneven pavements, snow & sand! The company is run by two sisters, who want to make a difference and help people live their lives in a happier, more fulfilling way.

The History Behind The Trekinetic:

Mike Spindle is the incredible Inventor & Manufacturer of the Trekinetic Wheelchair! Back in 2000, Formula 1 toolmaker, Mike was sitting in an airport, when he saw a trendy-looking young man using an antiqued wheelchair. It was at this moment that Mike noticed the striking contrast, between the young man and his old style chair. This encounter then encouraged Mike to try re-inventing the wheelchair. He originally created the highly successful Trekinetic K2 Manual Chair, followed by the lightest, all-terrain, powered wheelchair in the world, the GTE. Both these state of the art chairs have gone on to win multiple awards, because of their incredible design and ability to tackle all terrains. The chairs are surprisingly lightweight and easy to disassemble, meaning both chairs can fit into almost any car without the need for adaptation or a hoist!

Features & Benefits:

Both the Manual K2 & the Powered GTE have 2 large front wheels, meaning you don’t have to worry about small castors getting stuck on kerbs or in rough terrain. They also have a monocoque tilt in space seat, rear shock absorber and mountain bike tyres to ensure your ride is as smooth and as comfortable as possible. I personally try to avoid going over the uneven surfaces, as it instantly causes my back pain to flare and my wheelchair to vibrate. So this is a huge selling point to anyone who struggles with back pain and/or struggles to sit in a wheelchair that doesn’t have good suspension. For added comfort, you can also adjust the angle of the seat, giving you the option to sit upright or recline. For me, the colour of my wheelchair is also a very important feature. It obviously doesn’t make the chair anymore comfortable to sit in, but it does make me feel more comfortable about using it. As someone who went from an active teenager to someone who relied on round the clock care, treatments and devices; I found it very hard to accept that I now depended on the use of a wheelchair. However, since using a bright and colourful wheelchair, I thoroughly enjoy sitting in it. I have also noticed that people no longer stop and stare at me, whilst wondering what is wrong with me, but instead they stop and compliment my colour choice. So I was very happy to discover that Beyond the Boundary offers a wide variety of colour choices!

Even though both models share many standard features, each user has the option to customise the chair to their needs. I have learnt first hand, how the right bespoke wheelchair can transform your quality of life; so this is another fantastic feature! I also cannot think of another wheelchair that is suitable for children to continue using into adulthood, so it is defiantly a worthy investment. Some of the bespoke options are shown in the photos below.

Many of the components on the Trekinetic are designed to detach quickly and easily and without the need for any tools. The quick-release makes the wheels simple to remove, the centre tub folds, and the footplate retracts, making the chair light enough to be lifted and put into practically any car, boat, taxi, or plane. Allowing you to take the chair anywhere, without having to worry about how it will handle different surfaces. It also has an incredible turning circle, so you can even use it indoors! This is another huge selling point for me because you typically need multiple wheelchairs for different situations; something that is not practical or feasible for most people. I often travel with my lightweight folding wheelchair, as it is so easy to transport. It is the perfect chair to use indoors or on smooth flat surfaces, but I get stuck as soon as I encounter an uneven surface. I also have to sit back and watch everyone else enjoy going on the beach, which I hate as my assistance dog loves nothing more than running along the sand! Occasionally, beaches will have facilities in place so guests can hire a beach wheelchair, but you obviously have to transfer and not everyone finds this easy. So I am very excited to try out a Trekinetic later this year and experience a wheelchair that allows me to conquer almost any surface I come across!

If you like the sound of these all-terrain, eye-catching & award-winning wheelchairs, then click HERE to hire a Trekinetic! Alternatively, if you are interested in buying one, please get in touch and we will pass on your details to the Beyond The Boundary team. Access Your Life are proud to announce that we have officially partnered with Beyond The Boundary, to bring our followers the best information and offers. So if you are looking to buy a Trekinetic, use the discount code ‘AYLBBW’ to receive free insurance for a whole year! This is a fantastic offer, as insuring your wheelchair is often ridiculously expensive!