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Changing Lives One Step at a Time

Dec 10, 2021

* This post is written by a guest blogger - it is not sponsored. *

Flexyfoot is making waves not just within the UK, but worldwide, supporting people with a wide range of needs from arthritis, brain tumours, paralysis, amputation, dystonia, and arthrogryposis. Flexyfoot improves everyday lives with confidence, safety, and style.

Flexyfoot Logo

Flexyfoot aims to transform the walking aid sector with our high-performance Flexyfoot ferrule. Our ferrules, designed for crutches, sticks and canes are revolutionary, providing 50% more grip and traction than a traditional rubber ferrule. Our uniquely designed bellow greatly reduces pain and discomfort in the upper body as it absorbs shock and impact when the ferrule connects with the ground. Flexyfoot significantly reduces the normal falls people have when using a regular ferrule due to its flexibility and improved grip.

Endorsed by Paralympians such as Sir Lee Pearson, Susan Seipel, Amanda Shirtcliffe and Andrew Skinner, we have seen Flexyfoot products used for support when playing squash, climbing Ben Nevis, Snowdon and soon one of our Flexyfoot users is going to climb to Base Camp Everest. Going further afield Flexyfoot products have been used in Canada on a variety of terrains and have been used in Hawaii to climb Mauna Kea.

The feedback we received about Flexyfoot from Paralympian Susan Seipel was:

“I don’t slip at all because the grip maintains contact with angled surfaces preventing falls. I use crutches daily and before Flexyfoot I needed to replace the tread every couple of months due to uneven wear. Flexyfoot ferrules last a lot longer than any others I have tried and are definitely a worthwhile investment for safety and quality.”

Flexyfoot Logo

Paralympian Sir Lee Pearson said:

“I would 99.9% recommend Flexyfoot to a friend or fellow athlete, in fact, anyone who uses crutches, sticks or a frame.”

David Hubber, Invictus Games gold medallist in wheelchair archery, is also an avid Flexyfoot supporter. David said:

“I became a double gold medallist in the inaugural Invictus Games whilst doing Recurve Archery. Flexyfoot has helped to prevent my walking sticks and crutches from slipping in the gymnasium environment whilst getting in and out of my wheelchair, which in turn has given me the confidence to carry out my sport whilst knowing I'm safe from slipping around.”

Flexyfoot is designed and assembled in Great Britain. The product range includes walking sticks, crutches, hiking poles and ferrules which are designed not only to look great but have proven medical and therapeutic benefits that give safe and flexible support to those who need it. There are many distributors throughout the UK and worldwide including Australia, China, the USA, and across Europe, so we can accommodate the AYL community across the globe.

Why choose Flexyfoot:

⁃ Flexyfoot provides up to 50% more grip and traction than a traditional ferrule.

⁃ The shock-absorbing design offers optimum safety and comfort levels.

⁃ Proven medical and therapeutic benefits.

⁃ Created with the help of a leading orthopaedic surgeon.

⁃ Tested to the latest ISO standard for endurance and slip resistance.

⁃ ISO and BN tested for strength and durability.

Whether you are seeking a walking stick, crutch, hiking pole or a new ferrule, we offer:

⁃ A choice of colours for walking sticks and crutches in red, orange, blue or black.

⁃ Options of a telescopic or folding walking stick.

⁃ Three handle types are available in our walking sticks – derby, oval or cork.

⁃ Open or closed cuff crutches with either a comfort grip or soft grip.

⁃ A variety of ferrule sizes include 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm.

Flexyfoot is a great solution for many of the AYL community providing a design that not only looks good but also has proven medical and therapeutic benefits. More information can be found via the links below! Also stay tuned for a review from AYL Director Lauren, as she has been trialling our product for some time and is excited to share her thoughts! You can also look forward to reading a review from AYL volunteer Emma, who has been using Flexyfoot ferrules for many years now.

A blue banner with information on the writer of this blog - Colette! Along with the Flexyfoot logo.