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Naidex Exhibitors – 5 Ways to Stay Safe at the NEC

Sep 08, 2021

* This post is written by one of our volunteer content creators. *

1. Face Coverings

Make sure all your staff has high-quality masks with good filtration in both directions to keep them safe as well as protecting those around you; we highly recommend Cambridge Masks which are highly effective at filtering viruses and have two-way valves for all-day comfort.

Remember to also have a team member with a mask a clear window or a face shield to hand for any visitors to your stand who may need you to uncover your lips in order to communicate effectively with them.

2. Hand Hygiene

Ensure every member of staff has an individual hand sanitiser dispenser with them at all times, we can recommend the refillable Squish sanitiser dispenser which can be attached to a belt, around a wheelchair frame or walking stick, or to a lanyard around your neck to ensure you’re never without sanitiser.

Ensure there are sanitisers readily available on your stand and that you take the extra precaution of wearing gloves when directly touching visitors.

3. Avoid Cross Contact

Avoid touching items multiple times by handing them directly to the team member or guest who has requested them rather than asking someone to pass them to them for you.

Where possible switch paper forms for electronic ones that people can complete on their own devices whilst stood at your stand or on a tablet which you can clean thoroughly after each guest has used it.

If you need to use paper forms, ask the guest to drop their form into a sealed box which you can leave sealed for 7 days after the exhibition to ensure any virus on the paper will have died before it’s handled again; similarly, hand a fresh pen to each guest and place these in a sealed box or in a box for cleaning.

Ensure each team member has their own supplies of flyers, pens, clipboards, water, etc. in a clearly marked box behind the stand so there’s no need for staff to be sharing resources and inadvertently creating opportunities for cross-contamination.

4. Be Covid Smart

Remember to keep as much distance as possible between team members throughout the day and maintain a safe distance from guests visiting your stand wherever possible.

Use stickers or tape on the floor to show guests where they should be in front of your stand or if they are waiting, and as a reminder that the staff behind the stand may be vulnerable too.

Ensure you are regularly disinfecting all your supplies and the surfaces of your stand throughout the day using sanitising wipes and antibacterial spray.

Put together information packs and/or goody bags before you come to the show, whilst wearing gloves and masks to ensure guest safety.

Only come into contact with guests when absolutely necessary, such as to measure a client for a product that they may be ordering at the event. For example, AJM will be offering onsite wheelchair assessments but their representative will be wearing fresh, full PPE for each client as well as offering them sanitiser, gloves, and a fresh disposable mask to wear during the assessment if required.

5. Get Tested

Remember to get tested before you enter the event.

You must have an NHS Covid-19 Pass, proof of immunity within the last 180 days, or a negative PCR or lateral flow test result documented in email or text.

Continually test all your team members before, during, and after the event to avoid the risk of passing anything on to other team members, exhibitors, or guests. Take your temperature every morning before the event. Ensure each team member has a thermometer so they are able to do so in their own home or hotel room or if not, ensure you have checked the entire team before you leave your accommodation.

Speak up and stay home if any symptoms relating to covid appear. Remember that being double vaccinated does not stop you from catching covid. A headache, slight fever, or feelings of fatigue and not quite feeling yourself can all be signs of infection and are cause to take a lateral flow test to check before going into work, especially into an event with many vulnerable people in attendance.