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Wash Away Your Worries

Nov 04, 2021

* This post is kindly sponsored by WashPod. *

WashPod – The Temporary Disabled Wetroom

Home is our sanctuary, our personal space, a harbour where we can be ourselves. But life can make that security very precarious in a blink of an eye. Whether it’s a road traffic accident, a doctor’s diagnosis, lack of oxygen at critical moments, or a momentary lapse in concentration leading to a significant injury - suddenly life is not what it was.

At difficult times like these, anything that can bring back a sense of normality, dignity, and security is to be welcomed. This is where WashPod comes in, the temporary, disabled wet room. The daily washing ritual to start or end our day is something many people often take for granted. But for those living with a disability, being able to shower and toilet in a commutable, safe, and accessible location is especially important. Feeling clean, warm, and rejuvenated can make such a difference when life becomes challenging. Thankfully WashPods can give back some of these precious moments, at a time when they are most needed.

For these reasons, WashPods can be rented across the UK for as little as a few months, up to several years, allowing patients to focus on their recovery, work on adapting their home, or adapt to using a new mobility aid. So, if hospital blanket baths or flannel wash-downs have been your only option for a while, our range of accessible, pop-up wet rooms can be installed inside your home or garden, sometimes in less than a day! All of which buys you some time to work out the best long-term answer.

What Is WashPod?

The WashPod range was the brainchild of a partnership between architects who understood about enabling design, and an expert in modular buildings with a passion for making things happen. The range of models has continually grown and become more versatile, so that they can adapt to different spaces and provide respite for more people. Whilst we’re a small team, we’re all committed to working to the best of our ability, because the difference we can make is extraordinary.

What Does WashPod Give?

For someone facing a new disability, a parent struggling to carry their child up to the bath, or an elderly couple desperate to avoid the relocation to a nursing home for a little longer - why not experience the freedom, dignity, independence, and warmth associated with getting a WashPod?

Below are some of the wonderful words customers have used to describe their own experiences.

“WashPod has enabled independence, dignity and empowerment at a critical point in the rehab pathway.”

“It has no doubt contributed to the excellent clinical outcomes that we are seeing.”

“Mum’s life will be significantly improved by your pod.”

“WashPod is a life changer for me and my daughter.”

“WashPod has made a big difference to his wellbeing.”

“Some people show photos of their children. I show photos of my son’s WashPod!”.

“A nice, hot shower is invaluable in warming the muscles and making them feel better about themselves.”

“The WashPod’s a wonderful thing that’s given her a bit of freedom and dignity”.

The WashPod Process:

The process of assessing whether a WashPod is right for you couldn’t be easier! When matching the WashPod model to your specific needs and the space at the property, our team will:

1. Discuss the needs and location on a telephone call.

2. Undertake a virtual site visit using Skype, Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, or phone.

3. Visit to assess existing services and sometimes carry out some pre-installation work to ensure a swift build on the day, as we want to minimise any disruption.

4. Pre-assemble the WashPod in the factory for quality assurance. This also allows us to carry manageable sections to inaccessible places, and through houses with minimal disruption. Installation is less than a day for the smaller models, and a couple for the larger sizes.

Depending on stock levels, the time from order to installation can be as little as a week, but more
generally it’s still only a 2 – 6-week lead time. How amazing is that?

The WashPod Future:

As a start-up company, we have relied largely on word-of-mouth to grow our company. This has worked well, but we have big plans to supply festivals and Para sporting events with incredible disabled washing facilities in the future. We also have a Changing Places model that might be just the ticket for the likes of train stations, where accessibility is an issue.

We are really excited to be working together over the next few months - keep an eye out for fortnightly updates, videos, and case studies on our social media.