Scooter Review

Mar 22, 2021


White, four wheels, adjustable handle bars, seat height and width.

Battery powered requires two batteries & a charger.

Good range and speed.

Very easy to operate with hare- tortoise dial


Diagnosis: Myalgic Encephalitis, Tourettes Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hypersomina

Benefits & Drawbacks:

Scooter Description:
White frame, four wheels, adjustable handlebars, seat height and width. Requires two batteries and is operated via a tortoise dial.

Battery Life:

Source of Scooter:
Donated, but it’s available to buy via Clearwell website.

Myalgic Encephalitis, Tourettes Syndrome, Fibromyalgia & Hypersomnia.

Personal Opinion:
It’s my first mobility scooter I’ve owned myself although I have hired many. It is a little wobbly (the seat particularly & I struggle with sciatica if I’m in the chair to long, but in terms of practicality and efficiency it’s great & quick to use.

It’s very nippy & definitely a lot more lightweight than others I‘ve tried. It fits in the boot of my Vauxhall viva (smaller than a Corsa!) which is fab although, despite its ‘light weight’ advertisement, my disabled self most definitely cannot lift it!!!

I would definitely recommend this for day trips out to museums, shopping centres, cities etc as it can go on buses etc with you. I find if you don’t drive it completely straight into a ramp you nearly topple out, this could be down to the driver (ME!) as opposed to the chair itself. I definitely am looking into getting a different type of chair/ scooter but will keep onto this one for short distances such as days out.

It’s also super great for when I get fatigued (ME) as the handlebars are adjustable and move all the way forward, I tend to get someone to stand on the front like a skateboard or sit on my lap and steer whilst I nap in the chair. I have very hypermobile hands and fingers and struggle with moving the mechanism to steer & reverse etc. So do bear this in mind if you have wrist joint problems or finger hypermobility- probably not the safest option but what I do is wrap a bit of string around it or my lanyard and the lever towards me with the string to save my fingers!

The arms are adjustable and every part of the scooter comes off. I would say the basket although handy is probably a little small.

In terms of locking it up- I have a U bike lock for it which is a bit of a faff but I can’t really see any other way to lock it. It comes with a spare key which is amazing (I lose everything!). Good range and speed. Very easy to operate with tortoise dial. It has a good range and speed and is very easy to operate.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this scooter as it has most definitely changed my life!

Reviewed by: Lauren Perry

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Comfort: 3
Ease of Dismantling: 4
Ease to Transport: 5
Offroad Capability: 3
Battery Range: Donated by a local person in my community, however you can purchase it on clearwell website.



Lauren Matthewson

Hi, I'm Lauren and I have been living with a collection of disabilities for the past 8 years. I initially had a passion for teaching children with special needs, but my health prevented me from pursuring my dream career. Despite this, I now love nothing more than sharing my experiences to help other people living with disabilities.