Mbloc Accessible Homes

Sep 11, 2020

* This post is kindly sponsored by Mbloc, but all opinions are my own. *

Mbloc has created a bespoke modular building concept, allowing them to build homes quickly and efficiently in almost any location. Their innovative construction methods utilise steel frames and timber panelled walls to prefabricate panels offsite, all of which can then be assembled in as little as two weeks once foundations are laid. This modular method then creates highly efficient, low-energy homes that are well insulated and environmentally friendly.; something they achieve by utilising ground source heat pumps, and solar panels to reduce energy bills.

A huge benefit of using Mbloc’s modular systems is that you can build on almost any piece of land, all whilst embedding accessibility into the design right from the start. This style of housing would be perfect for anyone looking to create a beautiful, bespoke home where physical access needs and style preferences are combined. Even better, the internal layout of each unit can easily be altered, allowing clients to continually adapt their home to suit their ongoing needs and evolving requirements.

A small grey annexe is situated at the bottom of a garden, opposite a family home.

In addition to this, Mbloc offers bespoke self-contained Care Suites that can be purchased by both care providers and individuals. They have six concept designs that focus solely on pioneering practical living solutions for those with additional needs. This set-up is ideal for families looking to provide a loved one with independence and privacy, whilst also ensuring they are close to home, well cared for and away from residential care facilities. Alternatively, the larger Care Suites have been designed to accommodate live-in carers, partners or spouses, enabling clients to maintain a full and independent life. Whilst also shaping their new home around their needs, adding practical features such as ceiling hoists, wet rooms and wheel-chair friendly kitchens. This level of flexibility would be perfect for young adults living with full-time care needs, as it would allow them to experience the comfort and independence of having their own personal space without compromising on care.

A wheelchair accessible kitchen with raised/roll under countertops.
An accessible wet room, wheelchair transferable toilet and roll under sink.
An empty house with wide door frames and sliding patio doors that overlooking a garden.

At AYL we are committed to sharing unbiased information on the best products and services for people with disabilities, so it is an honour to be partnering with Mbloc! For more information on their accessible homes and care suites - simply check out the links below!

A floor plan for one of Mbloc’s most popular two-bedroom care suites.
A floor plan for one of Mbloc’s most popular care suites.

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