Meet Emma…

Mar 20, 2020

* This post is written by one of our volunteer content creators. *

Hello! Who am I and how did I get here?

There are many words I could use to describe myself: a teacher, a Christian, Autistic, single, a creator, a friend, someone living with chronic illness...I could go on forever! But although I’ve always loved reading, one word you definitely wouldn’t find in a description of myself is a writer! But a couple of months ago, I received a message from Access Your Life asking if I’d be interested in blogging for their site and it made me stop and think.

Until I stopped working three years ago (more on that another time); I was a dedicated teacher of children with severe and complex learning disabilities. I loved my job and devoted all my energy to my pupils, to ensure they had the very best of everything; although this meant I had very little time for other things. However, since I’ve recently had more time to think and to read, I’ve found myself writing about the things that really matter to me; including politics, disability rights, ethics, and more! It is through these posts on Facebook that I’ve kept up my presence in the world, despite the fact I've physically spent so much time at home. In fact, it’s some of these posts that led to Lauren asking me to consider writing for this blog -  and I must admit that initially, I felt very underprepared and under-skilled. After giving it some thought, I realised that writing about the things I’m experiencing, along with the things I really care about isn’t a struggle like other writing tasks I have completed in the past.  In fact, I have to heavily edit myself to ensure I haven’t written to much, because so often there is so much to be said; either to bring attention to things that need to change or in sharing my experiences in the hope that it helps someone else living in a similar situation.

So that’s me! I’m not an experienced writer, just someone who has a passion for standing up for what’s right and for sharing my experiences in the hope they might help others. And I think I’ve just written my first blog! Thanks for reading Emma x

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*** This blog post has been created by Emma and has been written on a voluntary basis. ***