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Active Hands – Gripping Aid

(Based on the users needs, lifestyle and preferences.)

Item Description:
A specifically designed product that secures your hand in a natural grip-enhancing position. Allowing you to maintain a firm grip on objects such as gym equipment, beauty products, and dog leads.

Source of Item:
Active Hands

* This item was kindly gifted by Active Hands in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. *

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Personal Opinion:
Due to my reduced hand function, I am forever dropping things that are then difficult to retrieve. Then because I can barely hold an item long enough to complete the task at hand, I have to rely on someone else for assistance. But after discovering Active Hands on Instagram, I was intrigued as to whether this item lived up to its sales reputation!

Unlike many daily living aids, this product has very few limitations in terms of physical capabilities and user criteria. Whether you are at home, or on the go this product can help you become more independent and improve your quality of life.

The materials used include strong webbing and durable neoprene, making it perfect for users with skin sensitivities. It’s not itchy or uncomfortable and has plenty of padding underneath to prevent chaffing and absorb sweat. I also love being able to throw it in with my regular washing, as I ALWAYS forget which items have specific washing instructions. I assumed the materials would become irritated or worn over time, but it still looks brand new. Although I don’t know if this would be any different if you were using the product to aid with strenuous activities.

As with any product, I recommend checking the size guide before purchasing. Not only because it could reduce the product’s functionality, but the user could get injured. This is why the available sizes range from tiny toddlers to adults, and people with limb differences. To my surprise, Active Hands also offer a bespoke service for people not suited to their current sizing guide, although this service understandably comes at an additional cost. If you are unsure about which size or style to choose from, simply get in touch with the Active Hands team – they are very friendly and understanding of different circumstances!

To put on the General Purpose Gripping Aid simply follow the instructions below:

– Loosen the velcro strap around the wrist area, but not enough to pull it through the loop. (When looking down at the product as if you were wearing it, this is the horizontal strap.)
– Undo the velcro strap on the main body. Again I prefer to make sure it doesn’t go through the loop, but you could easily thread it through if preferred. (When looking down at the product as if you were wearing it, this is the vertical strap.)
– Slip your hand into the aid like you would a glove.
Pull the wrist strap tightly and fasten the velcro.
Place your chosen object in the palm of your hand, whilst making sure your thumb is not stuck in an uncomfortable position.
– Pull the vertical strap over the top of your knuckles until your fingers securely, but comfortably tightened around the object and fasten into place. 

Despite my initial hesitation, it’s pretty impossible to drop an object once attached correctly, so there is no chance of you losing grip! I was also pleased with how easy the velcro was to fasten/unfasten considering its strength, whilst the rings are easy enough to grasp despite having reduced dexterity. You can even use your mouth to secure the straps in place!

Using The Item:
Even though this product is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with gym equipment, the functional possibilities are endless. It’s extremely liberating to be able to hold an item for prolonged periods, even if it took me a while to remember that you cannot “let go” automatically. I also realised my arms were not used to using certain muscles, but over time will be able to gain strength. So just remember to take it easy and not overdo things!

As you can tell, this product certainly surpassed my expectations and is guaranteed to improve quality of life. It’s not only perfect for users with little to no hand function, but also for people like myself who can hold products yet struggle to do so for more than a few seconds.  Best of all, it’s very affordable in comparison to other disability-related aids, so I would definitely recommend this product to people with physical disabilities or injuries.




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