BundleBean – Wheelchair Cosy

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Item Description:
Wheelchair cosy with brightly coloured patterns on the outside and plain dark fleece on the underside, all of which attaches to a wheelchair with multiple elasticated straps.

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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Personal Opinion:
Most people know that I am a huge fan of BundleBean products, particularly their wheelchair organiser; but I also use their wheelchair covers throughout the winter as it’s fantastic!  I have always used the adult’s version, but it also comes in a child-friendly size. Both of which are available in five different styles and can be attached to most wheelchairs. It is made from two materials, a 100% waterproof shell and a cosy fleece lining, which is usually enough to keep me and my wheelchair warm, dry and comfortable in most weathers conditions!

Now aside from the snazzy patterns, the main reason I bought a BundleBean cosy was because of how easy it is to put on and take off. You also don’t have to get out of your chair to do this, which is something I had never heard of at the time of purchasing. I also find it incredibly easy to independently attach my cosy, even with limited dexterity. Although there are strong two poppers at the bottom that are designed to make a narrow covering for your feet/footplate, I just leave these connected to make life easier (as opposed to asking my carer for help every time)! I then attach elasticated velcro straps around my ankle/calf area, underneath my knees and around my waist; alternatively, you could use these straps to attach the cosy directly to your wheelchair frame if preferred. These straps are designed to create a snug fit, however, it is worth noting that if you use a wheelchair without leg rests, you may find the backs of your lower legs get a little cold from time to time. But I typically wear a thin blanket underneath as I’m always cold, so it really isn’t a big problem.

To conclude, I would highly recommend a BundleBean Cosy to wheelchair users of any age, ability and size. In fact, you could probably use it in conjunction with other equipment such as mobility scooters. They are relatively cheap to buy and last SUCH a long time! They are also ways to wash, so I personally think they are a great investment!

After speaking with the creator of the BundleBean at an event, it was clear to see that these cosy’s were designed with the user’s needs in mind! For example:
– super comforting, without being too restrictive for sensory issues;
– warm, wind shielding and waterproof;
– snug fit, whilst still being able to withstand kicking or leg stretching;
– can be folded down to access PEGs / administer medication;
– velcro straps with contrasting colours to accommodate a user with limited sight;
– super easy to transport, as it comes in a little pouch that can be hung on the back of a wheelchair, handlebars, bag clips etc! However, unlike your typical folding rain gear, you don’t have to wrestle the cosy back into its pouch!




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