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CatTongue Grips – Tape & Pads

(Based on the users needs, lifestyle and preferences.)

Item Description:
Non-abrasive grip tape that is 100% allergy-free, easy to apply and impact-resistant. It can be added to pretty much any object or surface including mobile phones, wheelchair footplates and water bottles!

Source of Item:
CatTongue Grips

* These items were kindly gifted by CatTongue Grips in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. *

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Personal Opinion:
Due to my reduced hand function, I am forever dropping items that are then difficult to retrieve. Causing me to become more reliant on my carers for assistance, in the hope of preventing such struggles. But since discovering CatTongue Grips, I have been able to independently hold some of these problematic items, whilst also making other daily living tasks that little bit easier.

CatTongue Grips are specially designed sheets of plastic that peel and stick onto pretty much anything! Made from a soft, lightweight, flexible polythene plastic which is impact resistant and 100% free of latex. Just like a cat’s tongue, the tape provides grip without feeling sticky or picking up lint. With the small raised squares on top to enhance grip and a self-adhesive sticky tape on the back, your chosen items won’t be left with any external damage or sticky residue.

Amazingly, the entire range of non-abrasive grip tapes is also completely waterproof! Something I really appreciate, as my sporadic muscle spasms often lead to essential items being launched across the room, into a puddle or covered in spilt liquids. Best of all, the materials used are allergy-free, meaning they won’t irritate your skin when touched.

They are also available in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns, which is one of the main reasons I have gone on to recommend CatTongue Grips to family and friends. Annoyingly most disability-related products cannot be customised, so these funky designs are a welcome change for someone like myself who prefers eye-catching patterns; however, there is a good balance of subtle and obvious colours to suit everyone’s preferences.

Packaging & Delivery:
All CatTongue products are individually packaged with the corresponding instructions neatly displayed on the back. Both the products and packaging are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Although I recommend anyone living in the UK places an order via the Active Hands website to avoid extensive customs charges.

Using The Item:
Like many people living with disabilities, I have several essential items designed to maximise independence and safety that I simply cannot keep a hold of. Because of this, I have tried using other grip-enhancing covers and cases, which then increase the overall size or prevent the item from lying flat; two things that make life even harder when you have poor dexterity.

Thankfully CatTongue Grips have considered these issues, meaning the application process couldn’t be easier. Just make sure the back of your object or surface is clean and free of debris, remove the protective sheet on the back of adhesive and press down – it’s that simple! Then when you are ready to remove the grip, all you have to do is peel it off! Should your desired item not have a specifically sized grip, I recommend purchasing the CatTongue tape which can be cut to size. This method allowed me to adequately cover odd-shaped items such as my house phone docking station and handheld fan. 

Overall, I think the laptop grip is my favourite CatTongue product, as it doesn’t add any bulk to the bottom of your device, yet secures it to almost any surface. I typically avoided working in my wheelchair, as my protective laptop case is so slippy and I simply don’t have the strength to catch it if it falls. I also spend a lot of time in bed to administer breathing treatments, but it is difficult for me to get anything done during this time as my laptop never stays in place. However, I can now work comfortably from any position without worrying about moving around, as the grips are designed to travel with you and prevent your gadget from sliding.

I love that I know have one product that is cut, modified, and customized to provide more grip to almost any object or surface! Because of this, I would highly recommend them to people of all abilities! They are reasonably priced and long-lasting, so would make the perfect gift for either yourself or a loved one!




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