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Flexzi 1 – Gadget Stand

(Based on the users needs, lifestyle and preferences.)

Item Description:
Designed and created by the Charity MERU, these flexible gadget stands are suitable for securing and displaying phones, tablets, communication switches, cameras, and controls. 

Source of Item:

* This item was kindly gifted by the UK charity MERU in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. *

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Personal Opinion:
Due to having reduced hand function, I am forever dropping items that are then difficult to retrieve. Especially when using my wheelchair, as I have to lock my breaks before trying to retrieve and/or use my phone. But since discovering Flexzi Gadget Stands at a disability exhibition, I have enjoyed having a newfound degree of independence. 

Available to buy in black, green, or pink, this single strand of flexible plastic has a large velcro covered circle at the top and clamp at the bottom. There are two different types of clamps (see details below) that are both relatively easy to grip and can be removed in 30 seconds! 

Eco Clamp – A flat lightweight attachment designed to clip onto tables and beds, using a cog shaped handle that is then screwed into place. 

Heavy Duty Clamp – A rounded attachment designed to clip onto wheelchairs and pushchairs using a handle that then wines the clamp into place. Either way, they are both relatively easy to grip and can be removed in 30 seconds! 

I opted for a pink Flexzi 1 with an Eco Clamp as it was most compatible with my needs/lifestyle, but I recommend checking out the double-stranded Flexzi 2 and the triple-stranded Flexzi 3. Both of which, can be used with the extension kit to make your Flexzi 15cm longer. 

Packaging & Delivery:
The Flexzi is packaged with the corresponding instructions and delivered in a mailing bag made from 100% recyclable materials.

It couldn’t be more simple to attach the Flexzi to your chosen surface, as the clamps have a range of 10mm to 32mm. 

The velcro on the top of the Flexzi is rough, strong, and almost impossible to peel off; whereas the other side is soft, flexible, and easy to apply to your device using a peel and sticks adhesively. Despite my initial hesitation, there is no chance of your device falling off or becoming unstuck because the fixings are so secure. You can even purchase a pack of additional velcro circles from MERU, allowing you to have multiple devices compatible with the Flexzi and/or attach odd-shaped objects such as a GoPro. Along with an additional camera mount for standard compact cameras compatible with a secure mountable base and universal tripod fitting! 

Using The Item:
The main reason I chose the eco-clamp was so I could attach my phone to my bedside table, as I spend a lot of time working from the comfort of my bed. Something I have found particularly useful when I am unable to lift my arms during inpatient hospital admissions. To my surprise, I can also attach it to my wheelchair by wrapping something with a gripped texture (such a vet wrap) around my frame to ensure the flat plated attachment is held in place. Meaning I can now use my phone on the go without having to worry about dropping it. The Heavy Duty Clamp is understandably more compatible with rounded wheelchair frames, but it is certainly still possible to attach the Eco Clamp! 

Once attached, the Flexzi 1 is super easy to position and doesn’t require fine motor skills to adjust; making it suitable for adults and children of all abilities! I typically use the palm of my hands to move the attachment, but it is also easy enough for my carer to adjust if needed. 

I typically keep the Flexzi arm in an upright position with the top part titled forward, so I can see my phone screen. But if I need to tuck it out the way (which is particularly useful during chair transfers), I can simply push it to the side of my wheelchair frame and bedside table!

Overall, I 100% recommend this attachment to anyone looking for a versatile gadget stand. I am continually asked about this product, so I will link MERU’s online shop below for anyone wanting more information or to make a purchase! I also suggest checking out some of the other disability-related services and products MERU has to offer!

Useful Links:   

MERU Online Shop 

MERU Switch Adapted Toys

BUGZI Loan Scheme




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